D4- a new tale- chp-7

Hello guys. . Sorry for the late updates. . Actually my 12th results have come. . So I am busy with that. . So this episode is a little short. . Please don’t mind. .

Recap- Mik compliments Baby for her dance.

In the canteen Mik is with Dia. Nethra too comes there.
Mik- where did this harry go?
Dia- you gave him an important work right. So he is busy with that.
Nethra- what work?
Harry comes there
Mik- hey Bro. ..
Harry- her name is Niharika Sareen. .. 1st year. . She recently came to Mumbai. .
Nethra- Mik. . Are you talking about that girl? ?
Mik- ya. .
Nethra- don’t you think you are giving too much importance to her?
Mik- Nethra. . She is talented. .
Nethra- whatever
Dia- I can smell something burning. .
Nethra leaves in anger.

Baby comes to the canteen.
Harry- and she is. ..
Mik hits him and signs him to keep quiet as he noticed Baby. . Dia comes to Baby.
Dia- hi Niharika. . I am Dia
Baby- hi Dia. .
Dia- I must say you are indeed an awesome dancer. Mikhail usually doesn’t appreciate anyone.
Baby- thanks. .
Dia calls Mik and Harry.
Dia- this is Mikhail and this is Harry. .
Mik- hello Baby. .
Baby stares at him. .
Mik- I mean Niharika. ..
Baby- hi. . I gotta leave now.. bye. .
Baby leaves. ..

Precap- Nethra makes baby fall.. but Mik catches her. .

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