D4- a new tale- chp-6

Hello everyone. . Sorry for the late update…

Recap- Baby dashes Mik and drops coffee

Baby and her friends come home. They are very exhausted.
Sonam- 1st day of college was so exhausting. .
Tara- ya. . I agree.
Jeah- tara you don’t say anything. You almost became patient today.
Baby- Jeah don’t say like that. . Amar will feel bad.
Amar- arey why will I feel bad.
Baby- because. .

Suddenly Baby’s mobile rings. Her parents have called. She keep in speaker.
Dad- how was your 1st day in college.
Baby- it was good. But I met a spoilt brat.
Dad- what happened.
They narrate the entire story.
Dad- it’s okay. . You will meet such students in college. It’s common. Anyways tell me how did my daughter dance.
Tara- too good.
Dad- my daughter is a star
Baby- dad. .
Dad- you guys take care. . Bye.
He then cuts the call.

The next day baby and her friends come to the college. All students speak that this girl has a lot of guts. Nobody has ever shown so much attitude to Mik. She is the 1st.
Mik comes there. All keep quiet.
Mik- hi baby. .. oops. I mean Niharika. .
Baby- what do you want.
Mik- nothing. . I just wanted to say that you are not a good dancer. .
Jeah- what do you mean. .
Mik- I mean you are not a good dancer but an awesome dancer.
Harry and Dia too come there.
Mik- you danced really well yesterday.
Baby- thanks.
She leaves the place with her friends.
Dia- wow. . Mik is complimenting someone.
Mik- hmm ya. .
Harry- okay guys. . I will have to go now. Mik has given me a big responsibility. .
Dia- what responsibility? ?
Harry- to find about this girl..
He leaves. .
Mik- where is Nethra?
Dia- she didn’t come yet. .

Sorry guys no precap today. .

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  2. It’s awesome

  3. Thanks Lara and Crazygirl. . And I will try to give longer updates

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  8. Hello guys. .. I will definitely try to give a longer update from next time. . Anyways I am very happy you are liking it

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