D4- a new tale- chp-5


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Recap- Mik and his friends. Baby too dances.

Mik is with Dia and Harry.
Mik- I guess that girl is know her. Do you guys know her.
Harry- no. But now I think I should know her. You don’t worry I will find out about her.
Dia- Mik is showing a lot of interest in her. What’s the matter Mik.
Mik- I feel that she is a good dancer.
Dia- that’s it. Are you sure?
Mik- ya. That’s it.

Baby and her friends come to the canteen.
Sonam- well done Baby. You taught those spoilt brats a very good lesson.
Jeah- you danced so well.
Baby- thank you guys. I really hate such egoistic people.
Amar- just relax Baby. I am sure they have learned their lesson.
Baby- ya. Anyways Tara how are you feeling now.
Tara- better.
Baby- guys I will go and get coffee.
Baby leaves.

Baby comes holding the coffee. Mik comes there. She doesn’t see him coming. She dashes him.
Mik- what the hell.
Baby- sorry.
Both now look at each other and are shocked.
Mik- oh its you
Baby is pissed seeing him. Baby again says sorry and heads to leave but Mik blocks his way.
Mik- you should keep your eyes open when you walk.( taunting her)
Baby- look for said I am sorry.
Mik- you know to value human life but not human shirt.
Baby’s friends come to her.
Jeah- Baby is everything all right.
Mik- oh baby. ..
Harry Dia and Nethra come there.
Baby- it’s Niharika. Only my friends and family can call me Baby.
By saying this she leaves the place with her friends.
Harry- Bro what was going on.
Mik- just making new friends.
Dia- seems like she isn’t interested in making such stupid friends.
Dia and Harry laugh. Nethra leaves the place in anger.
Mik- what happened to her.
Dia- nothing. . Just forget it.

Precap- Mik compliments baby that she is an awesome dancer. .

Credit to: Navi

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