D4- a new tale- chp-4


Hello guys. .. I am back. ..

In the auditorium Baby is shocked to see Mik and is friends. Baby- this guy? ?? Sonam- oh god. .. These people even dance. Let’s see…. Mik Harry Dia and Nethra go to the stage.
Harry- I know that you are very excited. So the 1st performance is by Mikhail. ..
Mik starts dancing for the song Tu meri. And all the students cheer for him.
Tara- he is really very good. Isn’t it baby??
Baby- ya he is good. ..
Later Mik and his friends do a group dance. All the students are very happy.

Dia takes the mike. Dia- guys we have danced. Now it’s your turn. Anyone of you come on and perform.
Jeah- Baby. . You go na. .. Baby- no Jeah…
Nethra says- dia. . What are you saying. You are asking these people to dance. They are losers. …
Amar- baby. . Now you need to go and dance. This girl is so egoistic..
Harry- don’t be so rude.
Nethra- these people can never dance like us. In fact they don’t even know the D of dance. If anyone of you think that you can dance then come upon on the stage…
Baby’s friends force her to dance.
Nethra- I was right. You all are just losers.
Mik- I feel Nethra is right. None of you can dance. If you want to prove us wrong then come forward.
Nobody comes…
Mik- we are wasting our time. Let’s go.
They head to leave but baby comes forward. Mik is surprised seeing her. She goes to the stage and performs for the song sun sathiya. All cheer for her.
Harry- she is son good man. .
Mik- she is awesome. I must say I am very impressed.
Nethra fumes listening to this..
Dia- omg. . What am I seeing. . Mik is praising someone. ..

Baby finishes her dance and comes to Mik and his friends. Baby’s friends to come there and say she was awesome. Baby smiles. Then she turns to Mik and Nethra
Baby- dance is an art. You must feel it. You should express your passion through dance not ego. By saying this she leaves the place with her friends. Mik looks on.

Precap- in the canteen baby dashes Mik and puts coffee on him. .

Credit to: Navi

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