D4- a new tale- chp-3


Hello guys. .. This is the proper chapter 2… I know that you guys mad at me for my previous mistake. I am really very sorry for that. I assure you that it won’t repeat again.
Now let’s move on. ..

Recap- Baby and Mik’s meeting. .. Their fight. ..

In the canteen a group of seniors are ragging the freshers.
1st senior- you fresher. .. put this mirchi powder into your eyes. .
Fresher- but sir I can’t do that. .
Mik and his friends come over there
Mik- vicky… dude what are you doing
Vicky- bro. . Just healthy ragging.
Harry- that isn’t a healthy ragging. .. It seems like torture
Mik- exactly
Vicky- okay fine. . Dude do one thing. . Stand on the table and scream OUR SENIORS ARE THE BEST. ..
The fresher does as he says. ..

Baby and her friends come to the canteen. . They see the guy standing on the table. Sonam- what is going on over here… Amar- ragging. . Baby sees Mik.. Baby- it’s obvious. Look who is there. That spoilt brat. They go and sit…

Vicky sees baby. . Vicky- hey you pink top (baby was wearing pink top)… come here. .
She looks at him. Mik looks at her. Nethra- oh it is the same girl. Now let’s screw her up. Baby comes to him with her friends. Vicky- I called her.. why did you guys come with her. Tara- because we are friends. . Jeah- whatever it is tell in front of us. Vicky- dance for me.. Baby- excuse me.. Vicky- I said dance for me. . Baby- what if I don’t.. vicky- I am your senior. Do as I say. Jeah- dude back off. Don’t make us teach you manners… vicky- you are a fresher. Behave like one. Jeah- I won’t. Vicky- you.. Mik- bro. . Let them go.. Vicky- but Mik. . Mik- vicky I said leave them. . Baby leaves the place with her friends. Dia- Mik. How come you left them. Mik- just like that. .

All students in auditorium are waiting for Mik and his gang to arrive. .. Baby asks where have all the students gone. A student- you are a fresher right. So you don’t know. Come to the auditorium. You will understand everything. Baby and her friends go to auditorium. All the students are screaming MIKHAIL. .. HARRY. .. DIA. .. NETHRA. .. Sonam- what is all this. Student- today Mik and his friends are gonna dance. .. Baby- who is this Mik? ?? Mik and his friends come. Someone scream-they came. .. Baby and her friends turn to see who are they and are shocked. .

Precap- Mik and his friends dance

Credit to: Navi

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  1. richa (titli)

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    1. richa (titli)

      welcm dear keep writing 🙂 🙂

  4. I am happy you guys are liking it. .. Thanks Rhimjhim

  5. Thanks Rhimjhim. .. I am happy you are liking it

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