D4- a new tale- chp-10


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Recap- Baby sees Mik dancing in the rehearsal hall.

In the mall Mik is with his friends. Nethra is busy buying shoes. Harry Mik and Dia are roaming in mall.
Harry- these girls just waste so much money and time for shopping.
Dia- even I am a girl.
Mik- really? ??
Harry gives him a Hi Fi. .
Dia- you both are so mean. . I won’t talk to you. .
Harry- no Dia. . You are special.

Baby comes there. Mik sees her. He goes to talk to her but Harry calls him.
Harry- where are you going? ?
Mik- actually Baby. …
He turns back but Baby was gone.
Mik- where did she go? ?
Dia- who? ?
Mik- baby. ..
Dia- now someone is seeing Baby everywhere. .
Mik- she was really here.
Dia- Mik you are day dreaming. . It happens. . And Harry when does this happen? ?
Harry- when you are in love. .
Mik- shut up guys. There is nothing like that. .

Mik Dia Harry come to the food court.
Harry- where is this Nethra? ?
Dia- she won’t come so early. She came for shopping after a month.
Mik again sees baby.
Mik- guys. . Baby. . I said na she is here.
But before they could see her she left.
Dia- Mik. . She isn’t here. .
Mik- this girl is making me crazy.
Harry- I am really very happy for you.
Mik- what? ?
Dia- finally you are in love. .
Mik sees baby coming with her friends.
Mik- am I in love with her friends as well.. I am seeing them everywhere now
Dia- what? ??
Mik- see there.
He points at them. .
Harry- oh.. so they are really here. .
Dia- kismat connection…
Baby and her friends see them. They come to them.
Baby- hi. .
Harry- hi. . Mik was just talking about you…
Mik hits him. .
Baby- what? ?
Mik- he is just joking. Anyways you guys join us.
They all sit and talk.. Baby sits next to Mik… He smiles at her. Nethra comes there and fumes seeing baby with Mik.
Nethra- this girl has become my head ache. I should do something. ..

No Precap today. .

Credit to: Navi

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