D4- a new tale- chp-1

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Baby Jeah Amar Sonam and Tara enter the college. They were near the gate. Mik enters the college with his friends in his car. His car hits Tara and she falls on the ground. Her friends get worried for her. They lift her up. Mik and his friends get out of the car. Amar gets very angry. He goes to hit Mik but baby stops him. Mik comes near them and gives them the money. Seeing his attitude Baby loses her cool. She pulls him by his collar and throws the money on his face. The entire college looks on. He asks what the hell. She asks what the hell does he think about himself. Just because he has money it doesn’t mean he can do anything. Mik asks why is she overreacting. Nothing happened to her friend right. She says instead of apologising he is showing his money power. Nethra says these middle class people need more money I guess. Jeah asks who the hell is she calling middle class. Does she have any idea who is she talking to. Baby cuts him in middle. She says these people know the value of money but not human life. She tells to Mik keep your eyes open when you are driving. Next time you might be in hospital. She leaves from there with her friends.

Mik is with Harry. He is still thinking about Baby. Harry asks is he thinking about today’s incident. He says ya. Harry says nobody ever talked to you in that tone. Mik says yes you are right. That girl was completely different from others. I would like to see her again. Baby and others are with Tara. Baby says that guy was such a spoiled brat. So mean. I hope I don’t see him again.

Precap- Ragging. .. Dance in Auditorium

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