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Harry speaks to Aneri about Mikhail’s fan following, and his achievements. Harry shows her their unique production style. Mikhail joins them, Aneri insists to know about Soul Mate’s story. Harry breaks the ice, that Aneri is the heroine of this show. Aneri was further excited.
Mikhail begins, Soul Mates is about Rohan and Aneri, two people who have fire in them, and courage to fight the world. The day he meets Aneri is the day he fell in love with her, his Aneri is innocent, unaware of the world. Aneri’s parents don’t want them to be together, but they will meet one day.
Sonam makes Baby up. Baby was confused if Mikhail gets angry again, she doesn’t want to be scolded. Sonam assures Mikhail would be happy seeing her. Amar also assures Baby that she must be Aneri with enthusiasm;

he should feel she is Aneri.
Mikhail completes the story that the day they will meet and never part away. Aneri had tears in her eyes, she appreciates the story and thanks for keeping his lead’s name as Aneri. Harry doubts may be Mikhail was inspired by her, maybe she is Rohan’s Aneri. Mikhail only smiles at Aneri. Harry suggests him to teach her some signature steps of Soul Mates, they had brilliant chemistry last night.
Aneri was excited and drags Mikhail at once. He shows her the steps. Sonam drops Baby, Baby assures she would go inside alone. She comes to the hall and watch Mikhail and Aneri dancing on Soul Mates’s steps. Mikhail was shocked at once, watching Baby in Aneri’s costume. He comes to her and asks what this all is, if she consider his show as a joke, she must go and change at once. Baby turns around, Mikhail asks her to stop. He demands if she has an idea how much time they have, she must concentrate to get well. She goes away, Aneri was concerned for Baby and questions Mikhail. Mikhail goes inside. Baby cries outside the academy, Aneri hurries to her. She requests Baby not to mind, he becomes insensitive sometimes but she must not take him seriously. She asks Baby if he always scolds her, Baby confess that no matter what she does, Mikhail is never happy with her. He doesn’t like her talk, her work. He called her a liar, coward, loser; he feels she can never win in life. Aneri assures it isn’t like this, sometimes there are misunderstandings but Mikhail never thinks like this. Baby feels Mikhail hates her, Aneri consoles her that everything will be fine.
Mikhail comes inside and asks Harry what this all is, Harry says it’s the preparation that should have started a long time before. He apologizes Mikhail for behaving this way, if he is so sure Baby would be fine in three months he should have trusted him. Mikhail suspects Harry is playing a game with him. Harry wonders why he would, he trusts him completely. Mikhail smiles and assures this matters a lot for him. Harry was excited for the work, and tells him about appointing a PR. Mikhail holds him by shoulders and tells him he missed him a lot.
On the shaft, Sonam was sure Mikhail must be left awestruck watching Baby. She envisioned him kissing Baby. Amar reminds her Baby is his sister, she must censor her dreams. He gets a call, and was shocked at once. He cheers and promises to come there in next ten minutes. He tells Sonam her thief was caught, Sonam says she didn’t complain. Amar tells her he did.
Mikhail comes to his room and finds the dummy in shawl, he removes it and thinks about Baby wearing the costume. He laughs hysterically, Aneri comes there. Mikhail laughs that Baby would drive him crazy, Aneri compliments Baby to be special, as she can change his mood. She asks Mikhail how Baby came here, if she was always disabled. Mikhail says Baby is a good dancer, she isnt trained but she has a spark. She had an accident a few days ago, he is sure she will get well and will play Aneri in Soul Mates. He watches the dummy again. Aneri appreciates when Mikhail is doing, but when we are ill we get really sensitive. He must show some concern for her as well. Mikhail asks if Baby said this. Aneri assures him that if Baby is happy she will get better sooner.

PRECAP: Baby watches Mikhail with Aneri and heads inside. Mikhail gets to her and demands couldn’t she comply by his orders. Baby argues he had promised her to make her well and able to walk in the next month, not she challenge him to make her worth standing and dancing in the next one month, if he accepts? He says yes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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