D4 Get up and Dance 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Baby tells Sonam and Amar that she will tell Ria anyway that she will leave the job. Sonam says she must tell this as soon as she enters. Baby enters to confront Mikhail, she says good morning to him and heads to go inside but he tells her to come with him. She comes out in shock, he points at her to sit on bike with her. He looks at her puzzled and tells her to sit. Sonam and Amar comes at the back of academy, Sonam says she had told Amar class would be at ten. Both watch Baby going with Mikhail.
In the way, Baby keeps her hand on Mikhail’s shoulder. Music was played at the café where Mikhail and Baby arrive. Mikhail turns to look at Baby and sits on a table. Baby comes to sit beside him. A waiter asks for cold drink but he denies him with his hand only. Baby tries to speak but he

hushes her. He asks how she did. She asks what. He asks how she copied his dance. Baby says she copied and practiced his dance videos on net, she loved his dance. He asks how much she drank before making Mai Bhi Mikhail video. She says doesn’t know. He asks if she took training of dance. She says no. He asks if any stage performance or shows. She says no. he asks why? She thinks for a while, then says her family. He asks why she came to academy. She says for summer job. She tries to speak again, he tells her to speak as much as asked. He asks how she feels watching dance. She thinks for a while, thinks about Mikhail and says I love it in somewhat lost way. He asks if she wants to dance. She says yes, still lost. The music plays in background. Mikhail only looks at Baby without letting her speak. His phone bell rings and he goes to attend the call. Baby happily watches him.
In the academy, Mikhail comes there. Ria asks Mikhail where he was, he is half an hour late. Ria scolds Baby for being late too. Mikhail tells Ria to chill, everything is fine. Ria goes to Mikhail, keeps a hand on his shoulder and asks if he is fine. She asks Maddy where he had been. Mikhail smiles and says he already told Ria to leave him and come to him. Ria tells him to shut up.
Mikhail rejects another girl for audition. Ajay tells Baby to check the list he made for once. Sonam drags Baby out, Baby says she couldn’t tell Ria. Sonam asks where she and Mikhail went, did he hold hand? Baby says nothing like this, and sends Sonam out. There, Ria asks Mikhail what is wrong. Yesterday he made everyone repeat thrice, today he isn’t letting anyone dance. Maddy says from him it’s a yes. Mikhail thought about Baby and was lost. Ria and Maddy notice him lost, Ria asks him about Trusha, if they should short list her? Mikhail tells her to do what she wants to. They go on for auditions, Mikhail only thought about Baby, her replies.
Baby calls Sapna Saigal outside. Sapna comes in nervous. She takes her shirt off and does some difficult steps. Ria and Maddy approves of her. Mikhail says thanks to her. Ria says to Mikhail, Maddy asks Sapna to wait out for a moment. Ria says they will short list her. Mikhail says she has no interest in dancing. Maddy says she is great dancer. Ria insists, he allows them to take her in. Maddy tells Sapna if she is called for finals she must stay here for a while, is it okay. Sapna looks out for someone’s approval, then says yes. Baby appreciates her dance. Sapna’s mother scolds Sapna for dance outside for missing some moves. Baby tells Ria that Aneeli’s auditions are done. Ria says she will give her list for tomorrow’s auditions later. Mikhail watches Baby who also looks at him and leaves.
Ria says that they can finally do the training of Aneeli. Mikhail says he wants the audition of everyone in the academy. They say they have already chosen the best ones in academy. Mikhail says he means everyone, not the students only. They argue, he asks why are they questioning him so much.
Baby gets mama’s call, she tells Baby to try reach home soon as her Papa is coming. Baby recalls, she tells her to give her papa a big hug, she will try. She goes looking for Sonam and Amar. Sonam and Amar were getting angry, Baby tells Sonam to take her luggage from home. Sonam says she also had to change her dress as well. At home, Amar asks Kamini on phone if the flight has landed, where they are. There were no signals on phone. Sonam packs her things and leav with Amar. Amar’s phone rings, he tells them he is home when they watch the car entering the house garage. Amar takes his scooty behind. Baby’s papa enters the home.
In the academy, Mikhail looks around and waits. He tells them all to leave. Ria asks what? Mikhail stops her. He says to Ria he said everyone’s attention. He asks for Vicky. Ria tells him not so shout at her now, she gathered everyone here. Mikhail asks why isn’t she here. Ria asks if he wants her auditon. He says she wasn’t among everyone. Ria asks if he wants to try her for Aneeli? Mikhail doesn’t reply. Ria asks why, she isn’t a dancer. Mikhail says he has seen her dancing. Ria says she has also seen her, drunk and dancing for Mai B Mikhail. Mikhail doesn’t listen, he says he wants her audition. Ria gives up.

PRECAP: Ria tells Baby Mikhail wants Baby’s audition for Aneeli. Baby says she can’t do this, she is leaving this job.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh god tomorrow’s precap is shocking.
    Michael is going to meet baby when she is with her family

  2. Niharika+Mikhail=NihAil, MiRika, MiNi, MiHarika,
    Aneri+Rohan=AnOhan, RiHan

    NiKhail is good….tnq chinnari for replying….

  3. Sona dear….uts dia not ria nd aneri not aneeli

  4. The upcoming episode will show that
    Mikhail has seen Baby’s dance and likes it.
    Mikhail sees his Aaneri in Baby and finds
    simplicity and genuienity in her dance.
    There Baby’s father is coming to stay with
    them for sometime.
    Baby’s father dance likes her daughter to
    dance or be near dance.
    Baby is tensed and decides to leave the job
    at D4 academy.
    Mikhail misunderstands Baby
    There Mikhail is thinking about taking Baby
    in his dance team.
    Mikhail offers to select Baby but Baby
    refuses to take part.
    Mikhail gets angry at Baby and feels that
    she is rude.
    Once again problems occurs in between
    Mikhail and Baby.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  5. Mirika awosome

  6. I like sonam she is so crazy. And any one please tell me how can I download the background song

  7. Omg it’s getting more interesting day by day♡nice episode♡ Thank you for the hint of Upcoming episode……

  8. ♡MiRika♡ sounds Good ♡

  9. Mirika is all I wish ♥ ♥

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