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Mikhail was dancing outdoor, Baby keeps a hand on his shoulder. They dances with each other. Mikhail pushing him twice, she again moves towards him. He finally takes her in his arms. Baby repeats someone’s sentences, if she loses after trial she would be satisfied, if she doesn’t try how she would know if she would win or lose. She asks him not to accept defeat, she is there with him. He leaves her with a jerk and go out.
Harry and Nehtra were practicing, Harry was unable to concentrate. Nehtra shouts at him, while they watch Mikhail and Baby together. Nehtra appreciates Baby’s recovery, she says here is Soul Mates lead case practice going on. Mikhail tells Nehtra he is taking over Soul Mates from today, and in his show Baby would play Aneri. Nehtra laughs calling Mikhail’s sense

of humor as brilliant. Nehtra reminds Mikhail he got a choice between his academy and Soul Mates and he had chosen his academy. Mikhail tells Nehtra he is naming this academy after her, Soul Mates is his. Nehtra was shocked. Mikhail gives her the papers, and asks her lawyer to get the papers signed. On the first day of show, this academy will get transferred to her. Harry tells Mikhail not to leave this, he only has this asset. Mikhail says his fortune is his talent and his friends. He has no pain of losing academy, but losing friends. He gives the academy to Nehtra, his dreams are enough for him. Nehtra holds the papers, and leaves wishing him luck. Harry tells Baby it seems she know his friend better than him, he is sorry he was focused on saving academy that he forgot about his dreams. He forwards his hands promising to support Mikhail at any cost. Dia arrives. Mikhail asks her to play the music, those who are no more a part of their team must be let to leave; they will begin the rehearsals. He asks for Baby’s hand and dance with her, Harry leaves outside. Amar and Sonam await outside the academy, Amar was tensed. Tara arrives to the academy and was shocked to see Sonam. Amar asks Tara how she is, she avoids him. Sonam teases Tara to be with Amar since then. Both Amar and Sonam laugh, Sonam explain she went to a yatra with her grandmother, she liked a Pandit there too but he came out to be a criminal. Tara says they both are really expert at lying and head to leave. Amar follows him, Tara complains about not informing her that Sonam has returned. She thought he was her boyfriend.
Baby was about to slip, Nehtra holds her hand. She complain Baby to have snatched everything from her. She tells Baby she know she does this all only because she loves Mikhail, there is a lot going on in her filthy mind. Baby feels sorry for Nehtra that she consider everyone like hers. Nehtra was determined that she would never let Mikhail be hers ever. Baby tells Nehtra she is only for Soul Mates here, not for Mikhail. Nehtra comes behind Baby while she leaves the academy.
Harry and Mikhail have a boxing competition with each other, Mikhail beats Harry. He laughs, then calls him up. They laugh and hug each other. Dia cheers watching Tara and inquires if there is something special about so much shopping. She gives Dia vouchers of a show. Mikhail comes there, Dia offers him the vouchers. He denies first, then leaves with the vouchers to change his wardrobe.
Sonam was curt at Nehtra, Baby says she doesn’t care what she thinks. Baby says atleast Nehtra is honest, but she ever lies with them and herself. Baby says she always tell Mikhail not to forget his dream, then why she gives up. Why she got ready to leave him. May be she is wrong, she must also fight for Mikhail as well, she loves him. Sonam hugs her calling her to be correct.
The next morning, Dia brings all the file work to Mikhail, Baby and Harry. Baby appreciates Dia for making it possible. Dia asks them to call her if she needs to. Mikhail asks where she is going, without her this show isn’t possible. Dia taunts that some people were ready to do the show alone. Harry says he already said a sorry. They both argue, Mikhail tells Dia he can’t do this without her, and makes her sit. Harry says that Dia would handle the costumes and lights, Dia tells Mikhail she doesn’t need anyone’s instructions. She and Harry have an argument, Dia heads to leave apologizing, they must call her when he isn’t here, or is flirting with Nehtra. Harry leaves saying he never flirt with anyone. Mikhail was worried if they both fight this way, how they would do the show.

PRECAP: Baby asks Harry if she still doesn’t know why Dia is angry, she considers him to have betrayed her. She asks Harry to follow her instructions. They try to make Dia jealous.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think when Baby n Harry will try to make Dia jealous at that time Mik would realise that he loves Baby <3 I'm just guessing ?

  2. I guess so.. Hope dey get bck soon n mikhail realise his love fo baby..

  3. I guess so.. Hope dey get bck soon n mikhail realise his love for baby..

  4. I also think that Mikhail will see them when Harry And Baby are trying to make Dia jealous and think that Harry and Baby love each other because in the precap I have watched that Harry and Baby are dancing and Mikhail stopped them and say this in not part of Soul Mates…

  5. —–-—▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒

  6. soon dis show is gonna end guys!

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