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At night, Baby lay awake in her bed thinking about Mikhail asking her to dance. She sits up, get out of bed and dance. She looks at her feet, sits happily on bed and thinks about Mikhail asking her again and again. She lay on the bed to sleep.
There in academy, Nehtra looks around with a bottle of drink, then gets a seat and dials Mikhail’s number. He dismiss the call. Maddy asks Mikhail why Aneeli’s father warns to kill Rohan. Mikhail says if Aneeli doesn’t get away from Rohan, either she leaves Rohan or lose him forever. Mikhail’s phone rings again, he again dismiss the call. Maddy asks if they won’t be able to meet again. He hasn’t still written the end. Mikhail says he must know Soul Mates is a story of two lovers who are made for each other, if they get together in life

everything will end. He again cuts Nehtra’s call.
Kamini does aarti of Amar wishing him birthday. She asks him to touch feet of others. He stops Kamini and says if she wasn’t here today, nothing would have been here. He asks for blessing him for something big. Kamini tells them to come and cut the cake. The three cut the cake, when they come outside to leave Amar tells them that uncle emailed him that he is coming today. The three were worried what to do, Amar says Sonam must find another place to live.
Baby comes to academy and asks to speak to Ria, Ria says right now Aneeli’s auditions are going on, they will talk in lunch break. A girl was nervous about forgetting her steps in front of Mikhail. Tara asks Baby about Shaina’s character, Baby checks her file and says she has no details about Shaina’s character. Baby asks Tara who is the hero of Soul mates, she has no details about Rohan. Tara asks if she is kidding, Mikhail is Rohan. Baby says oh, Tara says this means the girl who will qualify the auditions will get a chance to dance with Mikhail in lead. Baby smiles at this.
Ria comes to a hall, Aneeli’s poster fell off. Nehtra says oh, Aneeli fell off. Ria asks what childishness this is. Nehtra asks what drama are they doing, don’t they know only she is going to be Aneeli. She has been training for months for Aneeli. She tells Ria and Maddy to go and tell Mikhail he can’t cast someone else for Aneeli. Maddy asks Nehtra for how long she knows Mikhail, Nehtra says five years. Maddy says he knows him for 11 years, and he doesn’t change his decisions. She must pray for some miracle. Nehtra says she can challenge every dancer they will select.
Baby comes to talk to Ria but Mikhail comes clapping to begin the auditions, she stops there. Outside, Baby appreciates the participants. Mikhail keeps on rejecting participants. Ria says to Mikhail that they have done 25 auditions, he has only short listed two participants. She calls Baby inside, and tells Mikhail tomorrow is the last day for auditions of Aneeli. Baby comes inside, Ria tells Baby to wrap up for today and line up tomorrow’s auditions.
In the birthday party at night, Baby tells them that she couldn’t talk to Ria even today. She asks Sonam to move somewhere else. Sonam says she will hide beneath the bed for one day. Tara offers Sonam to stay with her, as she stays alone. They cut the cake and celebrate. Sonam drinks from the bar when she watch Kamini and Baby’s mother coming towards them. She runs towards them, they all run speedily hiding everything. Amar and Baby come to the ladies, Kamini says it is her son’s party why she won’t come. Amar says it was for his friends, Kamini asks if he won’t celebrate with them. He says he cut the cake on carrots. Sonam comes there in changed dress, she asks Amar why he called them here. Tara wondered what is happening here. Amar comes to Tara and tells her to stay away from his mother. Tara says she wants to meet her, but Amar says his mother scares every girl he likes. Kamini looks there and comes to them, she asks Amar if this is his friend. Amar says no, he doesn’t even know who she is. Sonam says Tara looks so beautiful here and she is looking like a cloth bag. They watch Tara leaving. Kamini asks if he really doesn’t know who she is, she comes behind Tara and asks what her name is. She asks Tara if she smokes and drinks, girls like her also take drugs. She says asking before is good. Tara says she is taking her wrong, she isn’t in those girls. Baby goes to her mom and asks her to handle Kamini, she calls Kamini and asks her to let the children enjoy.
Mikhail wakes up at night thinking about Baby’s dance. He stands upside down thinking about her moves, then drops himself down and murmurs Aneeli.
There in the party Amar dance with Tara.
Mikhail sits up on the floor, he opens his laptop and opens Baby’s video that had gone viral. He recalls dancing with her in the café.

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PRECAP: Baby says she will tell Ria any way that she is leaving the job. Mikhail takes Baby on a bike ride. He asks how she copied his dance. She says she watched his videos on net. He asks if she likes dancing. She says she loves it, he asks if she wants to dance. Ria was shocked to hear he wants to audition Baby for Aneeli. Mikhail says he has seen her dance. Ria says she has also seen her, drunk and copying his dance steps. Mikhail says he wants her here, that’s it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  7. Its ANEERI and RUHAN for god sake! Nt aneeLI n rOhan…. U r confusing d fans..plz check d spelling…
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  8. N Anushua is potraying DIA not Ria…

  9. Yeah its dia not ria (lol) and its aneri not aneeli…..

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