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Mikhail drinks thinking about Baby’s smile on the video call. Baby had kept all the conditions, she had told him she isn’t neither his Aneri nor a dancer. He sits on the floor by the window. Lalwani’s words echo in his mind. He takes some paper and pencil and sketches over them. Dia had warned him they are left with five days only. He tries to concentrate with his sketching.
There, Sonam lay on the bed thinking about Mikhail’s curt words against Baby. She lay restless when Amar knocks at the door. She opens the door, he asks to come in and says he has been thinking about Sonam. Sonam says whatever Mikhail said has fit in her mind, how he can misunderstand. Baby can’t even lie. Amar asks if Mikhail knows about it. Sonam says everyone who knows Baby comes to know about it. Amar

says they must convince Mikhail that he is thinking falsely. Baby says yes he is right, she doesn’t want her best friend to suffer, she was determined to go to academy in the morning to clear everything to Mikhail.
The next morning, Amar and Sonam come to academy. Sonam was down, Amar asks her to hurry up. Sonam was worried that what if he shouts. Amar says they will also shout, but today they will tell him truth. Sonam says she is even more afraid of Baby than Mikhai, if she comes to know… they go inside anyway.
The students wait for the instructors. Sonam says it must really be important, else Mikhail never drops his classes. They head to speak to a man, he says they aren’t students here so they must not have entered. They leave. The man stops Nehtra from entering as well, Nehtra asks who is there with Mikhail. The man says Mikhail, Harry and Dia are in meeting and have forbidden anyone even her to come in.
Dia and Harry watch the room messed up, Mikhail comes out of washroom. Dia asks what this all is. Mikhail asks the name of production designer of Journey Through India. He hands her a set cast production and says they will prepare five minutes trailer of Soul Mates in next three days. It will be shown to Lalwani. Dia asks if Baby has returned? Mikhail says he has thrown her out of his show and his mind, she can not come back again. Dia asks him to calm down, what happened. Mikhail says she lied to him, her grandmother wasn’t ill. He wanted her to be a good dancer, she knew he was so serious about lalwani’s performance but she took advantage. She is enjoying her holidays. He envisioned innocence in her, but she wasn’t innocent. He was ready to leave his savings and academy after a non trained dancer. They will show Lalwani a dancer that he will never say no. Now Soul Mates will happen, and without Baby. Harry and Dia were happy. They come out.
Mikhail announces about Soul Mates trailers, students will do separate characters. He and Sapna will be leads. Everyone cheers and claps. Nehtra watches this from outside.
The watchman stops Amar and Sonam from entering. He asks them to come tomorrow. Sonam takes Amar aside. Dia comes out them, she asks Sonam and Amar what it is about. Sonam says she has some urgent work with Mikhail. Dia says Mikhail is really angry, he will shout aloud; they must return three days later to say sorry. Sonam tells Dia about all the truth, Baby’s grandmother is really a liar. Dia thinks for a while. Amar asks if they can speak to Mikhail now, Baby will be angry at them. Dia says no, they must not meet him but she will tell him by herself. Sonam says thanks to Dia, she didn’t dare talk to Mikhail anyway. Mikhail’s words echo in Dia’s mind.
Harry was practicing, Dia comes inside and shuts the music. She asks Harry if he thinks Mikhail has really thrown Baby out of his mind. Harry says he doesn’t know, but he does what he says. Dia asks what if Baby returns. Harry says if she has to come back she wouldn’t leave lying and leaving Soul Mates. He asks Dia to forget Baby as only three days are left for Soul mates. Dia agrees they must focus on the show. Harry asks her to play the music now, he has to do the choreography.
Mikhail trains Sapna, asks her to bring innocence and spark in her eyes, calls for energy. She follows, but Baby comes to Mikhail’s mind again. He shouts, Baby! Couldn’t you get it in a single time? Sapna stops at once. Mikhail realizes and asks her to do it again. Sapna notices Mikhail to be lost.
Mikhail tells the students that tonight, Aneri has to meet Rohan. Rohan took his friend’s help to come here. He tells them their entering points, a performance filled in romance and energy and in the end the entry of Aneri’s father with armed men.
Mikhail asks Sapna not to run, she must lighten it up. He visualizes Baby’s dance, stops Sapna and asks if she doesn’t understand she is here to meet her lover not to wrestle. He tells her that Baby goes with the winds. Dia corrects him as Aneri. He again stops Sapna, asking her not to show off her struggle in dance.

PRECAP: Nehtra tells Mikhail that he can’t get a better Aneri than Sapna. There she tells Lalwani that Mikhail at first eliminated Sapna and has now casted her as Aneri. Lalwani asks Mikhail why he is careless about Aneri’s cast. Mikhail tells him he only has a right that the day he shows his performance to Lalwani, he may reject it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. areebah hafsa

    Precap:continued…. Sapna tells dia that Mikhail commands are very confusing. Dia replies that aneeri image is fixed in Mikhai’s mind she suggests that to become aneeri she needs to become babe.. babe and her dad comes in car and meets with an accident, babe falls out of the car

  2. Firstly for contineous 2 episodes Baby ko dikhaya hi nahi serial only on heros shoulder nahi chalte
    Nw Mikhail is accusing Baby interest kho diya maine to watch serial

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