D4 Get up and Dance 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Baby was worried that her papa is coming, he will catch Sonam in a minute. Sonam says she has just joined summer school, she won’t go away without learning dance. Baby says she can’t lie her papa, she will leave the job. Sonam says she works in Gurdwara and how Kamini will feel if she finds out? Baby says they don’t work in Gurdwara, she will tell Nehtra that she is going to Delhi next week. Kamini comes out to call them all for sleep.
The next morning, Sonam and Baby comes behind Baby calling her. Baby says she will miss the job. Sonam says she get to live around Mikhail all day, how she can’t miss the job. Baby says actually there is dance all around her in the academy. Sonam tells her not to leave the job, she can tell a few more lies. Baby says she doesn’t want to lie anymore.

Sonam and Amar argue about their own summer schools, Baby goes away from them to the beach. She looks at the other side where Mikhail dancing.
In the academy, Mikhail was in the pool when Nehtra comes from behind him and hugs him. She asks if he is angry. She asks him to think about them both, Aneeli and Rohan. Mikhail says he doesn’t want to talk about it, she is wasting his time. Nehtra says he is wasting his own time, he can’t get someone like her. She asks him to take her audition then. Mikhail tells her to stop it, but she says she has earned this position, she can’t let go of it so easily. If he is professional he must take her audition, she will prove herself to be Aneeli. Mikhail leaves. Nehtra says 4 o clock in the hall, he will get his Aneeli.
Baby asks to talk to Nehtra but she says she is busy and goes inside. Baby gets into work. Gautam was there with Aneeli’s costume. Mikhail comes there and asks what this is. Gautam says this is Aneeli’s costume, when she will come down the clouds the flare will move all around. Mikhail shouts that she will fell off wearing this costume. He shouts that he had explained it well to him a whole hour and this is what he is getting. There, Baby had tucked some of the frills of the frock up. Mikhail looks at it at once and says this is awesome, this is perfect. This is what he wanted, why he didn’t do it before. He tells Gautam that he wants it for trial in the next two days. Gautam leaves. Mikhail was leaving, Baby tries to speak about the video. Mikhail tells her not to interrupt in his work again. She is just an assistant and must not speak until asked about something.
Amar comes to Tara, he asks if she is free tomorrow. Tara asks if he won’t flirt. Amar says actually tomorrow is his birthday, Tara agrees to come.
Nehtra was in the hall, Baby comes with juice. Nehtra says she doesn’t want it, she asks about time and asks if she has queued the music. Baby says yes. Nehtra tells her to play it and get out. Nehtra dances in the hall, Baby watches her dance from behind the curtain. Mikhail also comes to the door to see her dance. He leaves half way. Nehtra goes behind Mikhail and asks how he can walk out, her dance didn’t end. Mikhail says in her dance, there is jealous, anger. It is not the fire of dance, it is the dance of a girl who is fearful of losing her place. He says she isnt his Aneeli. Baby came to the hall to turn off the music, she shuts all the curtains.
Mikhail comes out, he thinks that his Aneeli is very sweet. She is new to everything, she has the fire to do something, and she doesn’t know anything about life, about love.
Baby plays the music and dance in the hall. Mikhail hears the music and comes inside. Mikhail comes to the door and watches her dance. She stops at once watching him there. She shuts the music at once but her way is blocked by Mikhail. He moves towards her holding her with the table, takes the glass from her hand and asks her to dance what she did just now. He pushes her to the middle and plays the music. Baby was reluctant but left with no choice, she starts dancing. Mikhail watches a few steps from her and says again, then again. She looks up and finds out Mikhail wasn’t there.
Baby was thinking about it during auditions. Ajay comes to her, Baby asks for Ria? Ria was busy with phone call, then Mikhail comes calling her and Ria goes to him. Baby goes inside. Mikhail watches her go inside. Sonam comes to Baby and tells her a joke, she asks Baby if she told Ria she wants to leave the job. She tells Sonam what happened in the class. In the bed at night, Sonam asks Baby if he liked her dance. Baby says she couldn’t dance in front of him, then he left. Sonam says Mikhail must be thinking he doesn’t fell in love with her. Baby says Nehtra is his girlfriend. Sonam tells Baby to think about Mikhail, if he wanted her to dance means Nehtra is out and Baby in.

PRECAP: Amar comes to tell the girls that Baby’s father coming here today. Sonam says Baby must tell today that she is leaving the academy. There, Mikhail thinks about Baby’s dance moves, he fell on the floor tired calling Aneeli.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow!!! How gracefully dey dance…mwaahh!!!
    Dis sumthing like- dil toh paagal hai….-
    i am luving dis…
    oh utkatsh i miss dat cute sa Druv.. i hope mikhail u wud soften wen u get along baby ….

  2. Guys..check our new fan fiction “music sheet” by bella on telly updates..hope you will like it

  3. Dis is like how rahul(srk) found his ‘maya’ in pooja(madhuri dixit) in DTPH ..
    Our hero might hav found his aneeli in baby… :-* ♡♥(BaKhail) ♡♥

  4. Nice start

  5. The epi was awesome….. Just one request pls update it fast….I am too exited to watch this show but just can’t…. So I would want to read it asap…

    1. hazel ^bubbly^

      Same here mira..

  6. Awww finally Mikhi saw baby’s dance♡Fabulous……..But no reaction?that Nehtra is so annoying……. and precap ♡very interesting……

  7. Omg I am loving this series day by day.

  8. Guys please tell me who is aneeli.

  9. Aneeli is the main lead of michael upcoming album soulmate

  10. He wants a good dancer for that

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