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Nehtra asks Dia to stop her lecture, she isn’t interested in speaking to a girl who was unable to control her boyfriend. Dia warns Nehtra that the pain she has given Mikhail will come back to her, she and Harry deserve each other but if she again tries to hurt Mikhail… Nehtra asks Dia to accept Mikhail has lost. Dia says no, there will definitely be a miracle.
Baby’s papa come home, he calls Baby while Kavita comes to greet him. She informs him that Baby has gone to Goa, she was getting bored here and doctor Tarun also allowed.
Amar brings the drink to Mikhail and asks if anything else? Mikhail demands a gun to rob a bank, he can even do a few murders. Amar asks what he is saying and asks him not to take tension, there will be a solution. Mikhail says if there is a film made

on him it will be named, Mikhail, the hunk. Amar and Mikhail laugh. Amar suggests it will be Nachne bhi do Yaro. Mikhail says no, Jo Jeeta woh Bandar. They laugh with each other. Amar fell with his head at the back of bench when he watches Baby entering the shaft. He tells Amar that there is Baby in his dreams, and calls it a bad one. He push Amar to look behind, Amar was also shocked. Mikhail comes to Baby and asks if she came again? He had told her not to come back, if she wants him to think he has gone crazy it won’t happen again. He sits back saying he already know she isn’t here, he won’t talk to her. He heads to leave, Baby stops him. He forbids her follow him and shout that he is going out of Goa, away from her and everything. Baby stops him, he asks Amar to silence her. Amar says Baby is really here. Mikhail says alright, then confirms if she is wearing a pink dress? Amar says no, she is wearing a blue dress. Mikhail looks closely, drinks again and asks if her hair is tied. Amar says no, they are falling free. Mikhail looks closely and comes to touch Baby’s face. He calls them all liar, if he stays with them for some time he will go crazy. Baby holds him again and says this is true she is in Goa, she wants to dance with him as Aneri. Mikhail says she used to come to him just this way, did she make him stupid? And today is she really here? Amar nods and assures she is really here. Mikhail demands why is she here? To celebrate her victory? He leaves laughing she can no more harm him, who can killed an already died man? Amar asks Baby to go home and not take tension. Baby asks why he wants to leave Goa? Amar tells Baby that Mikhail and Harry had huge fight, Harry and Nehtra have become Rohan and Aneri. Baby wonders why Mikhail didn’t stop them. Amar tells her about the deal with Nehtra, and it seems Mikhail doesn’t care about anything now. Baby asks why Amar let him go, what if he does something to himself. Sonam insists on Baby to come home but Baby goes to academy.
Amar drives Baby and Sonam to academy, watching his bike they were relieved Mikhail has reached. She tells him and Sonam to stay here, she wants to talk to him alone. Baby enters the room to watch Mikhail packing. He looks towards Baby and asks if she wants to see Soul Mates? The show, that never happens. He cries that audience would also be laughing that Mikhail dies for Soul Mates but doesn’t do the show. He asks Baby to leave, he has to go as well. Baby demands where he wants to go? Mikhail smiles and calls her cunning, he won’t tell her else she would again follow him. She holds his hand, he jerks her hand forbidding her to touch. When she touches him, everything is ruined. He says that no one can now stop him, he is going to do a new show; Mikhail Shah returns.
Sonam keeps an ear on the door, when Amar gets her. She suggests there is no voice, what if Mikhail and Baby are kissing. Amar says Baby is his sister. Sonam compels Amar to think what can happen when a boy and a girl is alone. Amar slaps Sonam lightly.
There inside, Mikhail fell on the floor while Baby calls Sonam. Both enter and accuse Baby of killing him. They hold Mikhail to his bedding. Baby asks Amar and Sonam to leave now. Amar questions if she isn’t going with them? Baby says no, she isn’t leaving Mikhail in such a condition. Baby fears what if Mikhail leaves somewhere in the morning, his bag is packed and he was going somewhere but now, she won’t let him leave or lose. She requests them to let her live here. Amar and Sonam nod at each other. Baby asks Amar to take Mikhail’s bag along, Sonam picks the bag and fell herself. Amar drags her out. Baby sits beside Mikhail caressing his hair and kiss the back of his hand.

PRECAP: Baby questions Harry what he is doing. She insists that Mikhail wants to get an international fame with Soul Mates, only Mikhail will do Soul Mates. In the academy, Baby tells Mikhail she only came to be Aneri and do Soul Mates here. She doesn’t want to see him lose. Mikhail tells her to leave, she reminds him of what he has lost.

Update Credit to: Sona

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