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Mikhail comes to academy. Dia asks where he had been and why he didn’t pick up the call. He shuts the door and was only working out. Dia comes out. He says he is listening but not replying. Dia says there is Lalwani’s performance in five days, they have to do it; else we will have to close Soul Mates. Mikhail doesn’t reply. Dia says alright, he isn’t effected by this but she is, and everyone else in the academy is. Mikhail was about to leave the room, Dia asks him to trust her and give Sapna a chance. He says alright, 4 pm but he doesn’t guarantee making Aneri upon her choice. Dia promises not to disappoint him.
Dia was doing yoga outdoor, Harry comes to kiss her check and offers her coffee. Dia says romance and yoga are a bad combination. Harry says coffee and romance is, he

asks for a check. Dia asks to get ready. Harry says he will marry her one day, Dia smiles it won’t happen. He holds her hand again, the phone rings and Dia says it must be Mikhail. She asks Harry to break up with him first, only then she will marry him.
Sonam comes to Tara’s room as she had gone for a bath. She keeps her shoes outside and checks in her room. Tara comes out in hurry, Sonam hides herself. She checks on again and leaves the room. Tara comes out as she feels someone was out, she shuts the door. In the academy, Dia and Harry trains Sapna. Dia appreciates her dance, asks her to take a long breathe and bring a flow in the step she was missing. Dia was impressed by Sapna’s work. She asks Sapna to close her eyes, think about the character. Sapna leaves. Harry asks if she will pass Mikhail, Dia says it depends on if he is looking for Aneri of Baby.
Tara comes inside the room, she looks around for her phone. Sonam comes to shaft showing the phone off, she calls Amar the waiter and asks for drink. He was about to spit in the drink, as she called him a waiter. He asks where she had been. She says he would cheer at her genious, she shows him Tara’s phone. Amar shouts what? He accuses Sonam of stealing his Tara’s phone. Sonam asks him to power it on by hacking it, then read all the messages. They will know how many boyfriends she has. Amar says Tara will complain in police about it, Sonam says she will keep it back once they have checked the messages. Sonam asks him not to waste her hardwork. Amar clutches her ear asking her to keep it back. She says she will do it tomorrow, its her rule not to steal in a single house twice in a day.
Mikhail watches Sapna dance with Harry. Dia observes Mikhail time to time. She fells off in the midst of performance. Mikhail heads to leave, Dia says Sapna only practiced for a day. Dia tells Sapna Mikhail hasn’t said no yet. Sapna leaves. Harry tells Dia that they have tried their best, this is Mikhail’s show. Dia says it is their show, she says Mikhail is her best friend but why is Harry becoming his shadow. He must not try to follow someone blindly.
Sonam and Amar speaks to Baby. Baby tells Amar that grand mother is fine now. She says there is a lot of signal problem, she came out with Papa to talk to them both. They say they both miss her a lot. Sonam says she is suffering from Boria- the illness of getting bored. Baby asks if they told Mikhail and Dia the reason she had to leave. Sonam thinks about what she had told Mikhail, then says they will tell them once they are done making them feel bad. They sing a rap for Baby about teasing Mikhail. Baby’s father calls her, she cuts the call and leaves. Amar and Sonam turns to see Mikhail behind them, Mikhail says he hasn’t seen anyone liar as Baby is. He shouts at Amar to shut up, curses her family to be a liar. Amar says he won’t let him curse his family. Sonam says it was just a prank. Mikhail says his academy and show isnt a prank, he asks Amar tell Baby not to return to him or his academy. He will pray to God Baby can’t ever dance in life, she isn’t worth it. He leaves without hearing anything. Sonam calls Baby but her number was out of network. Amar says they must do something, Sonam was tensed about messing it all.
Mikhail comes to academy, his words echo in his mind. He thinks about rap of Sonam and Amar as well, gets on floor and dances. He comes to the dummy with Aneri’s dress, and throws it away. Baby’s words of not of being Aneri and a dance echo in his mind now.

PRECAP: Mikhail sketches the set sketch. He informs about cast production completion in next three days.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  3. Oh God.. baby meets with an accident…I want her to be fine.. and in the precap Mikhail would be scolding sapna and calls aneeri baby

  4. Oh god.. baby meets with an accident and won’t be able to dance again.

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