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Nehtra was shocked and questions if he has gone crazy. Harry says he wants to save Mikhail’s life, he knew Nehtra is only an opportunist and always disliked her, but he would also have to dance with her. Nehtra says Mikhail is a star, Harry is just a side show. Harry says she would have to perform with a side show, Mikhail the star won’t dance with her. Nehtra asks if Mikhail would accept. Harry says this time he would take the decision and Mikhail would have to accept.
Sonam cheers about going to Goa. Baby says she is going for show. Baby asks if she informed at home. Sonam says her parents said she must help her friend at such a time. Baby questions what she told her parents. Sonam tells her that she told her parents Baby’s parents threw her out of the home, because she loves someone

in Goa. Baby demands why she lie so much. Sonam says she didn’t this time, if her father know she loves Mikhail he would do the same. She says Mikhail also loves her, Baby denies that he hates her. Sonam assures he is just angry and would soon accept her apology.
Harry comes to tell Dia they are doing Soul Mates, he has accepted Nehtra’s deal. Dia asks if he asked Mikhail, he would never perform the character with Nehtra. Harry tells her that he would play Rohan’s character. Dia was shocked how he can even do this, he is cheating Mikhail. Harry insists they are doing this for show. Dia denies cheating Mikhail, for her, his friendship is more important than the show. She loves him but he has changed. Harry asks if she is breaking up with him because of Mikhail. Dia says no, it’s because of him because he is no more the Harry she loved. That Harry would never betray his friend, he would take the decision with his heart, she could do anything for him but she doesn’t love this Harry standing in front of her. Tears fell off Harry’s eyes, Dia leaves. She comes to sit beside Mikhail, Mikhail says Harry told him everything. He isn’t concerned, nor is he angry. He doesn’t care for anything right now. Dia tells him she is not with Harry anymore. Mikhail says to be true, he doesn’t care about it as well. Someone shouldn’t be let so close that his parting away gives you pain, she must be used to live alone. He looks towards Dia who was upset, then looks away.
Baby and Sonam prepare their bag. Baby gets Tarun’s call, then ignores the call. Sonam asks who is she ignoring, this is the tenth call in the last hour. Payal forbids Tarun to tell Baby what he wants to. Either he must tell her he loves her, or stop behaving like a teen ager. She makes him up, and he was determined to propose her properly. Sonam stands at the window, she calls Baby to ask something from universe. Baby wish that all her misunderstandings with Mikhail get clarified and they become friend again, she wish Mikhail love her.
Nehtra unlocks the rehearsal hall. Harry demands if it’s legal. Nehtra boasts that she decides what is legal and what is not. She cheers entering the hall to be the real heroine of Soul Mates. Harry calls her to mean to Lalwani as well, Nehtra asks to begin with some romantic number of Rohan and Aneri. They dance together. Harry gets away at once, Nehtra asks him to throw Dia and Mikhail out of his mind and make his future. Harry says he is doing this for Mikhail and will stay in her life only till he has used her for Mikhail. He demands if Nehtra is with him or not? Dia watches this from outside. Nehtra watches her out and comes close to Harry. They dance together, Dia leaves curtly.
Mikhail was having coffee, he turns around to see Baby sitting on a chair in his room. He asks what she is doing here, couldn’t she stay out of his mind. Baby says this depends on his mind, can he put her out of his mind. He comes towards her angrily. Baby says he is angry at himself, why call a name to her. She knows why he is angry, because he couldn’t say what he wanted to. Mikhail asks her to shut up. Baby demands what he wanted to say. Mikhail calls her stubborn or idiot. Baby says yes, she is stubborn but not idiot, else why would he fight his best friend. Mikhail asks her to leave, he is fed up of her. Baby says it will happen only when he would tell himself the truth. Mikhail asks if she know the truth, he turns around to find no Baby there. He was upset.
Nehtra comes out of academy, Dia holds her arm and calls her pathetic. She hates Mikhail so much that she is ready to spoil his life. Nehtra says she loves Mikhail and will win him back in her life. She got status, money and a show; now Mikhail is left. Dia says she has kept his academy and flirting his friend, still she thinks she can get Mikhail in her life. Nehtra calls Dia a loser, first show then Harry; everything is fair in love and war; this is her love and her war.

PRECAP: Mikhail asks Amar for gun to rob a bank, while being drunk. Baby comes to him and says she is his Aneri, standing in front of him. She has returned, and they both will do a show together. Mikhail couldn’t believe this to be true.

Update Credit to: Sona

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