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Dia asks what this means they are cancelling Soul Mates, they have been working on it for months. Everything is ready now, how they can cancel. If he realize how much of hardwork and money would go waste, Mikhail says if they can’t cancel today it will be even more expensive. Dia asks what is so impossible, he can train anyone to be Aneri. What he can’t do this. Harry asks Dia to calm down, there is nothing that can be done in emitions. Dia says this production isn’t only Mikhail, their hopes have been linked to this show. It is just ridiculous, what Mikhail is doing. Harry asks Mikhail doesn’t know he will also fail, Soul Mates was first an idea, a vision a thought. And this thought, vision and idea was of Mikhail that is why Mikhail will take the final decision. Harry says only the

show in which Mikhail is involved will get successful, not the one in which he will always think what if Baby was here. Dia says this is called obsession. Harry says no, it is conviction.
Sonam tells Amar Tara will only come if she has a boyfriend. Amar was annoyed as they both leave for the spot. Sonam spots a girl and says that Tara is. Amar says it isn’t Tara. Sonam says it is possible Tara had sent this girl. Amar heads to leave, Sonam stops him and asks him to go and ask her. Amar goes o the girl. The girl shows him the note and asks if he sent it. She grabs Amar with a collar and was about to beat him. Sonam jumps in and comes with a helmet in her hand to attack the girl, the girl runs away. Amar asks whose house she put that letter to, Sonam says she thinks it was Tara’s. Amar was irked. Sonam says it had been dark.
Tara asks the girl if he met her. The girl tells Tara it was a boy, Tara asks if she asked the name. Pooja says a crazy girl attacked her so she couldn’t. Tara pays Pooja some money.
Lalwani waits on the beach when Nehtra comes there. She apologizes for being late. Abhishkek says it is great to wait for beautiful girls. Nehtra says she hadn’t thought that day he is so funny. Abhishek says if she called him to talk about that day, he will pay now and leave. Nehtra says he is smart enough, she promises him not to discuss SOulmates, academy and Mikhail on the table. Abhiskek orders, and says he didn’t mind. Nehtra keeps a hand on his and says she never was this happy in a long past life. She asks who Abhishek is.
Amar asks why they are jogging, Sonam says to keep fit. Amar says she wants to watch a white man here. They argue as they jog together. Amar watches Tara and hides Sonam. Tara hidingly catches a cab, Amar and Sonam hides from her. Sonam asks what happened to her.
Dia asks the girls to practice twists. Harry comes there and calls her out. Harry says Mikhail won’t compromise Aneri and if he see Aneri in a girl he won’t say no. Dia thinks for a while, takes her bag and leaves asking him to continue with the session.
In the shaft, Sonam asks Amar to make a plan that must work. She must have a boyfriend. He asks Sonam to stop, she is thinking a lot. Sonam says he is a coward. Amar says he is always beaten not because of love but because of Sonam.
Dia brings Sapna to the academy. She says to Harry that they know Sapna is better dancer, if they train her for Soul Mates choreography he will like it then. She was sure about it.
Mehtra comes to Dia and asks why she hates her so much. Dia asks why she would. Nehtra asks if this is her way to show her likeliness, first Baby and now Sapna, they would give a non-dancer a chance to be Aneri but not her. Dia tells Nehtra this isn’t the last dance of her career, she is young and talented and has to do a lot.
Dia comes to Mikhail and says it is a surprise for him, she has got Aneri. She always thought she has potential. Mikhail asks Sapna? Dia says yes, she is the real Aneri. Mikhail says not possible, Dia asks him to give a chance to Sapna.
Mikhail runs on the beach, stops panting. He thinks about Baby, his description of Aneri. He shouts Aneri! Kneels down on the beach.

PRECAP: Dia says this production is all of their’s dream. He watches Sapna practicing, then leaves.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I loved uttu (utkarsh) more as soft dhruv of kyy. He looked very cute in splitsvilla 8 with sana. Hope he will get soft in d4 after getting along with baby…..

  2. I loved uttu (utkarsh) more as soft dhruv of kyy. He looked very cute in splitsvilla 8 with sana. Hope he will get soft in d4 after getting along with baby….. Love Mirika/nikhail…….

    1. Ups…….my comment is uploaded twice as mukti and tara as i wrote my nick name by mistake..

  3. Where is our baby

  4. its horrible !!!!… baby can’t do this to mikhail…. nooooooo…. she can’t lie… 🙁

  5. D4 is not interesting without baby. Please come back soon

  6. baby… plz come back soon… show tmahare bina adhura hai

  7. Omg have you ppl seen New promo on which baby met with an accident

  8. hey chinnari can u give the link of that promo pls…

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