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Mikhail comes to Nehtra and shouts at her, how long she knows him, how many times they have performed together. He hates last moment performances. Nehtra says she knows Soul Mates is also important for him, and fro her as well. Mikhail says Lalwani was right today, it was an unprofessional attitude today. It was embarrassing for him and his academy as well. Nehtra asks why Lalwani came here, he came to see Rohan and Aneri’s dance, not his solo performance. She just wanted that Lalwani signs the cheque. Mikhail jerks her away, he says Lalwani was ready to see his performance, he only wanted to portray the rhythm of the show, but Nehtra ruined it. Dia and Harry had come there. Nehtra complains Mikhail that he doesn’t understand her, she came to know Lalwani wanted to see hero and heroine’s

dance; there was no time and she had to enter. Mikhail asks Dia if they had told Lalwani it was a solo performance. Dia says she thought Harry would tell, and Harry thought she will. It was all messed up, by the time they realized it was show time.
Amar comes to Sonam, Sonam says she miss Baby. She confesses Baby makes her funny. Amar says Baby laughs at every of his joke. Tara comes there and asks if they are alright. Sonam tells her they are missing Baby, she has gone to Delhi. Tara says Baby would never want them sad, she suggests about a party at her home and arrange a movie night.
Harry tells Mikhail that Nehtra was just helping him out. Lalwani would never sign the contract watching him perform solo. Dia says if he hadn’t stopped in between the performance, it would be done. Harry says they still have time, they can find a girl. Mikhail asks if he knows her this much, for him it doesn’t matter Lalwani funds it or not, and anyone comes to see the show or not; it is a part of his life. He tells Nehtra to stay away from Soul mates if she really wants to help him. He leaves.
Sonam and Amar fight over the remote. Tara brings snacks. Sonam plays a Gujrati movie, they all dub it themselves. They fell asleep while the movie still played. It was late, Sonam says they must leave now. They hug Tara, Sonam drags Amar away. Sonam comes back the throws the letter from beneath the door.
Harry says to Dia he never expected Baby was so irresponsible. Dia says Baby isn’t like that, they must find out what exactly happened. She tries her number but it was off. Mikhail says he is the problem. The look quizzically. Dia asks what he is saying. Mikhail says when he picked her up he shouted at her. Dia says she would have expected this. Mikhail says he said a lot to her, dia asks what exactly he said. Mikhail tells her, she is selfish, idiot, she may leave if she has to, he doesn’t want to see her face anymore; she must not insult dance by calling herself a dancer. Dia was shocked.
Nehtra dances vigorously in the outdoor, upset about Mikhail’s attitude. She stops and says Mikhail will need her, if not today then tomorrow, she will save his musical.
Lalwani gets a call from Nehtra. She introduces herself, she says he had seen her dance and being scolded. Lalwani clarifies that if she wants to give him any justifications about that day it won’t work. Nehtra asks him to call Abhishek, she says Mikhail really needs such ultimatums taking Soul Mates. She tells Lalwani she really felt a connection between herself and him and asks him for a coffee. He says this is interesting.
Dia tells Mikhail they can’t let go of a chance they got. Mikhail says Lalwani’s performance can’t take place without Baby. Dia says he must not be so stubborn, why he scolded Baby then; it was his mistake so now he must compromise. Mikhail says he will say sorry. Harry asks what he just said? Mikhail asks him to get Baby, he is ready to apologize. Dia calls Sonam, Sonam says she knows she wants to know about Baby; but she will tell it to Mikhail. Dia says sorry to Sonam from Mikhail’s side, Mikhail also feels really bad. Sonam asks if she really means it. Sonam says she has gone for Delhi, her Papa called her. She went to her native village, her grandmother isn’t well. Dia asks why her phone is powered off, Sonam says there won’t be network. When she comes back to Delhi, she must try her then. Dia tells Mikhail she hasn’t gone because of him. She suggests to do Soul Mates without Baby now, Mikhail says they will wait for Baby. Harry insists on him that this isn’t the final Aneri, it is just a rough sketch so they have to chose among the other girls.
Mikhail watches the performance of other girls, but can only think about Baby’s dance. He was fed up and leaves the hall in the midst of a performance.
Dia and Harry come to Mikhail, Dia asks what is wrong with him, he left academy and stayed out for whole night and his phone was also switched off. He must care about other’s emotions as well, how wrong they would have felt. Mikhail says no, he can’t do it. Harry asks what, they will train the girls. Mikhail says he can’t compromise with Soul Mates, these girls can never understand Aneri. If Aneri is casted wrongly, Soul Mates won’t be successful. It would be a waste of time and energy, they must tell Lalwani they are cancelling Soul Mates.

PRECAP: Dia brings Sapna. She tells Harry they need to train her first over Aneri’s choreography. Mikhail tells Dia his decision won’t change. Mikhail runs on beach calling Baby.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Yes she was gone but I don’t understand why they would bring her back again

  3. Baby please come back

  4. Now again sapna… i wonder wts nethra gonna do… i have a doubt on her

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