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Dia asks Baby to inform Sonam and Amar as well. Baby denies coming to party, Mikhail asks why, doctor said she must enjoy, no training today and only party and she must come. Ok? Baby turns to go inside.
Dia takes Harry out, Aneri asks Mikhail if this party is for Baby? He wants her to get well soon? Mikhail says yes, he wants her to get well soon but tonights party is really for Aneri to be back in his life.
Harry takes a drink, thinking about his and Dia’s romance. There, Sonam ask Amar if he has really drawn the photo that shopkeeper told him, or is it his imagination. She guesses the photo girl and spots a girl at shaft exactly the same. She goes to the lady and offers her a seat. The lady asks for the most special dish of this shaft, because she is in a really good mood. Sonam

gets her at once, tries her glasses. Sonam introduces her name as Guljeet while the lady says she is Sonam. Amar acts at Sonam to come to him, she takes lady’s order. The juice is served to Sonam along with Pasta. Sonam keeps the bill in front of lady, she takes the credit card out. Amar was ready to catch the lady red handed, Sonam happily let her use the card. She returns the card to lady and bids her a bye, then cheers getting the update of her card use.
Dia was happy that Harry made up with Mikhail. Harry tells Baby he has removed all his differences with Mikhail as friend, but professionally he won’t be with Mikhail until he throws Baby out of Soul mates.
Sonam selects dress for Baby. Baby wonders what she would go there, what if she faints again. Sonam dreams about Mikhail coming to take care of her again. Baby was upset Aneri would be with him. Sonam taunts her to be jealous, Baby tries to make up but then agrees.
In the party, Dia and Harry dance as couple. Baby arrives with Amar and Sonam. Amar goes towards Tara, Sonam leaves Baby. Baby looks around searching Mikhail. Dia makes an announcement about Mikhail and Aneri’s arrival to the party. Dia names her drink for Aneri, who until today was a name but today she is the most special person of Mikhail’s life. Sonam calls Aneri to seem a sister of Mikhail, Baby insists she doesn’t care. Mikhail looks towards Baby, Aneri notice him staring at her. She comes to Baby and compliments her dress. Aneri tells them Mikhail got her the dress, but with much difficulty. Mikhail comes to compliment Baby looks really different tonight. Harry brings a guy with a guitar, they ask someone for singing. Mikhail tells them about Aneri who sings really well, Aneri asks if he remembers what she sang that night. Mikhail assures very well. She sings. Baby was upset watching Mikhail ask Aneri to dance. She thinks about her dance with Mikhail. Mikhail holds Aneri down in his arms, and exclaims he didn’t know she dance so well, is there anything else he doesn’t know. Aneri says he must know her even closely for that. Mikhail accepts he has no choice. Baby turns her wheel chair away and cries. Sonam and Amar come to her, Baby cries saying she has to stand up and dance, she hates herself like this. Amar assures she would get well soon. Mikhail hears this and comes behind. Baby wish she wasn’t there in that car. Sonam stands up at once calling Mikhail.

PRECAP: Mikhail awaits Baby in academy, he comes to her home where Kavita tells him Baby has already left. Mikhail comes to her in shaft and says he hates the ones who run away without trying.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice …episode. .. Mikhail nd Harry becomes friends. .. nd sonam and amar jokes as usual u know…nd baby felling jealous…about Mikhail seeing with Aneri. ..

    1. I am waiting fr d day when baby stand on her feet nd dances……☺?

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