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Baby cries on the river side thinking about Mikhail’s words. She watches the diary in her hand and runs back towards the academy.
In the academy, Mikhail was in the pool. Nehtra comes by pool side and asks what game he is playing with her. Mikhail says he doesn’t need play any games. Nehtra says that he fired her assistant in the main auditions? Mikhail tells her not to give herself a lot of importance, sharing bed with him doesn’t mean she will interfere with his decisions. Nehtra asks why he is interfering, why he fired her assistant. Mikhail says this is his academy, this is his call whom to keep and whom not. Nehtra asks how he can talk to her like this, when she has done so much for academy. Mikhail says she did it all for herself. Nehtra says that for the last five years she

is the main lead dancer of the academy, she has won recognition and money both for it. Mikhail says no one can be successful alone. Nehtra calls him blo*dy arrogant and proud, both fight with each other for a while during which Nehtra kiss him. He kisses her back.
Baby tells the guard of academy that she has Mikhail’s I-Pad, where he is. The guard says he is in the gym. She comes to the pool side and watches Mikhail and Nehtra kissing each other in the pool. She leaves the pool side upset.
Maa waits for Baby on the door. Kamini tells her not to worry, Guljeet is with her and they are in Gurdwara. Baby’s papa calls Kavita and says he didn’t get time to talk to her, Kavita tells him that Baby got a job in Gurdwara as summer job. She tells him about Guljeet. Kamini takes the phone, she goes inside and tells Baby’s papa that his daughter came back to track again. He says Baby is a class topper, and she is working in Gurdwara. Kamini promises him that she will be responsible for Baby. He says she must take care of Baby well.
Baby thinks about Mikhail’s words, she says to Sonam and Amar that she loves her job, and Mikhail kissed Nehtra. Sonam asks why she is crying, for job or for kiss. Baby says for both. Sonam says she already said it is love affair. Amar tells Baby he will talk to Tara to do something. Sonam teases him that he only wants to talk to Tara all the time, they argue Baby was about to leave, Sonam stops her. Amar goes to get drink for her. Sonam tells her not to be sad.
The next morning, Mikhail rehearsed in the hall. Ria comes at the doorway. Mikhail opens his tab to see the schedule. Ria says she is good, Mikhail tells her to inform Ajay about schedule. Ria says he himself says that big things can be perfect only if small things are. Mikhail stops her saying if she was perfect, he would never have fired her. Ria says it wasn’t her mistake in auditions, until Baby was here everything went fine. Mikhail asks who is Baby, Ria says Vicky’s name is Baby. He says it suits her, and if there are such idiots in their academy that they can’t work without a Baby. Ria asks him why he is being so biased. Ria tells him to forget it, everyone must have forgotten about her video. She says today is their important auditions, he must call her. Mikhail asks if she will tell him what he must do. Ria says no, she has faith that he will take the right decision. Mikhail says this isnt important he likes what she does. Ria says she knows, that is why she is keeping her fingers crossed.
Kavita asks Baby what happened to her, if she must massage her head. Guljeet says she can’t even go to Gurdwara. Baby’s phone rings, Amar takes it at once and goes out to attend a call. He comes inside and tries to tell Sonam with actions about the call. Kamini asks what is happening, she tells Guljeet to go to Gurdwara. Sonam tells Kavita to cook something for Baby, Kamini goes to kitchen. Sonam tells Kavita that mother’s hand has a different effect. Kavita also goes to kitchen. In the room, Amar cheers and announces Baby got her job back. Baby sits up excited. Amar says they called Baby to academy right away. They all jump and dance in excitement.
In the academy, Ria tells Mikhail she is joining from today. She says she guarantee him that he won’t regret coming back here. Mikhail says he can’t guarantee if she will regret coming back here or not. Ria leave.
Amar took dance classes in the academy where he had no balance of himself and his body. Sonam also disturbed the practice by her moves. The instructor calls them both to him, he says they have joined these summer classes and must be fond of dancing. Still there isnt any liablility that they have to dance, if someone challenged them. Both deny. He asks then? Sonam says it is for love, she says he loves someone who loves dance. He will start loving dance while loving her.
In the academy, Nehtra worked out when Baby comes there. She says Good morning. Nehtra asks if Mikhail called her here. She tells Baby that whatever anyone says here, only what she wants happen. She tells her to go and get the auditions begin. She stops baby to roll the mat before leaving.
Baby comes to Ria, Ria says thanks God she is back. Baby thanks Ria that she knows she got the job back because of her. Ria says she deserves it, but she won’t get a second chance again. Baby assures no mistakes this time. Ajay comes to greet Vicky and says she isn’t going anywhere until auditions. Baby tells him not to worry, she isn’t going anywhere until summer break.
Baby gets her Papa’s call, she cheers and asks how he is. She asks where he is? He says he is in Mumbai, where is she, in Gurdwara? Baby gets worried at once and asks how many days is he in Mumbai? He says he was missing them all and wants to meet them, he is coming to Goa next week. Mikhail comes out and asks to start the auditions. Baby drops her phone at once. They all notice her sweat.

PRECAP: Mikhail leaves while Nehtra still dances. She argues with Mikhail that her dance hadn’t ended. Mikhail says her dance has jealousy, anger and fear; the feeling of a person who is afraid to lose her position. His Aneeli isn’t this, she is innocent, big at heart. He watches Baby dance in the same hall, Baby stops watching him standing at the doorway.

Update Credit to: Sona

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