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The next morning, Amar massages Sonam’s head and both argue with each other. Kamini comes up calling Guljeet, Sonam runs inside. She asks about Baby and Guljeet, Amar says they are in washroom batheing it. She asks Amar to come downstairs, and bring the two as well. She looks at Guljeet’s dresses and says she will wash them. Amar stops her and asks her to leave them, holds his head as Kamini takes the clothes. He turns around and was relieved, then looks around. Sonam calls him from behind, he was afraid at once.
Dia enters the room, she finds the room decorated with photos and bouquets and gifts all around. She wakes Mikhail up, reads his cards and smiles. Mikhail asks if she is making fun of him, she reads another card and laughs at it called him Munchkin. He runs behind her, Harry

also comes in. Dia laughs that from now on they will call Mikhail as Munchkin. Mikhail shuts her mouth and says he knows her bedroom name as well. Dia goes to beat him now, but Harry says Mikhail is lying. Harry says he thinks that Baby should now train with the other girls, Mikhail says alright he must announce that after Lalwani’s performance Baby will train with the rest. Harry says if the performance is tonight, they must do one final rehearsal as they always do. Dia says she was also thinking the same, no one has properly seen Baby’s dance. Mikhail says he will plan it.
Guljeet takes permission from Kamini to go to Baby for once, Amar took suitcases outside. Kamini tells Guljeet that Baby’s grandmother isn’t well, and she agreed to go upon her father’s insistence. Guljeet says that it is, Kamini gives the responsibility of the house to Guljeet. They leave. Sonam cheers and says now she is free for atleast seven days. Now Amar can call Tara home as well.
Harry and Dia ask about Baby, the girls say she trains separately. Harry tells them that she will now train with them all. Mikhail comes and asks for Baby, Dia calls her. He waits for Baby, then asks Dia why she doesn’t understand rules. Dia advocates her that she comes from distance.
Amar was in the shaft standing lost. Sonam comes there. Amar says he feels Tara is lying to him that it’s his brother. Sonam asks why he thinks so. Amar says no one knows what and why girls do so, if Hemant is her brother why she doesn’t meet him and if he isn’t then… Sonam says he is her boyfriend. Amar asks who will confirm this. Sonam says she is here.
Mikhail asks Dia to call her again, Baby’s number was powered off. Mikhail says she is so talented, still so talented. She isn’t worth given a chance. Harry asks Mikhail if something happened last night when he dropped her home. Mikhail begins to explain him, then recalls his own words. Dia asks why he does this. Mikhail leaves on his bike.
Sonam writes a letter for Tara, that if she loves him she must meet him at Anjuna beach. Sonam says if Tara comes reading this note she loves him. Amar asks what if she goes to police. Sonam says then they will run away, he will have good time becoming her boyfriend. Sonam gets an idea. Mik,.hail comes to shaft and asks where is she, she had a training and where she left. Sonam asks Mikhail not to say a single word against her friend now, Baby cried whole night because he again insulted her. She says he is officially the rudest man in this world. Mikhail asks Sonam to call her now. Sonam says he hurt her a lot, he wants her to call Baby? She has left this place, because of Mikhail. She will never come if he calls her. Mikhail leaves the shaft.
Dia and Harry were talking to each other wondering what happened last night. Mikhail comes back, and tells them she left academy and Goa. He asks Harry to call Lalwani and cancel the performance. Dia says he has already called four times, Harry says he even deterred him. Mikhail says he doesn’t have main lead. Dia says he has other four girls. Mikhail says no one can follow his steps. Nehtra heard this all, then smiles.
The performance begins. Mikhail enters holding the ring. Nehtra comes as Aneri to dance with him. All at once, Mikhail shouts at Harry to shut the music off. Mikhail shouts at Nehtra that he has told her a lot of time she isn’t Aneri, Aneri is an innocent girl and she is mocking her. He shouts at Nehtra to leave this place, she must never come between his performances again. Nehtra leaves. Mikhail asks Harry to play from start. Lalwani says he doesn’t want to see the performance again, he thought Mikhail was the best in country, he demands investment worth crores. If this is his dream project? Lalwani says there is only childishness, unprofessionalism and mismanagement. Mikhail says there has been much misunderstanding, they will start all over again. Lalwani says he is giving them one week, either they show him the performance worth his level or forget about it.

PRECAP: Mikhail tells Harry, Dia and Nehtra that he doesn’t care Lalwani agrees to give money or not. Soul mates isn’t only a show for him, it’s a part of his life. He tells Nehtra to stay away from soul mates and Aneri. Dia tells Mikhail that they must avail this chance and train some other girl for Aneri. Mikhail says bring Aneri.

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