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Aneri watches Mikhail lost in some thought, she asks where? He takes her to beach, she hurries there.
Sonam and Amar come to the shop asking if someone shopped here, they inquire about the girl. Sonam panics. Amar explains the credit card she used was stolen. The sales man tells them she wore blue dress, shorts and was fat. Sonam gets another message, she had shopped in a store on the back street.
Baby watches Mikhail’s video for Soul Mate’s choreography with Aneri. Aneri was her center of attention in the video. She goes to shut the laptop shouting she want to go back home. Tara stops her and was concerned what happened to her, she can’t let her go alone and has a class in a while. Baby insists, Tara calls Sonam. Baby pants, Tara goes to call for help. Baby takes stress about

Aneri and faints. Tara shouts Baby’s name, Mikhail and Aneri had reached the academy. Mikhail hurries to Baby, checks on her nerves calling her name. Aneri comes inside, he calls for doctor and asks Baby if she can hear him or not? Baby finally wakes up to look at Mikhail’s tensed face. He assure he would take her to hospital, she looks at Aneri.
The doctor checks on Aneri, Mikhail was there at her home. The doctor consider it a matter of weakness, and advice her to stay away from stress. Kavita complains she doesn’t concentrate on physio. Baby asks if he guarantees she would be able to walk, the doctor says no one can give guarantee but they can’t give up.
Tara, Amar and Sonam played carom board. Tara was winning over both.
Baby texts Mikhail with thanks, he asks how she is now. She writes the reply, then deletes it. Mikhail advices her to take care now, and be in time tomorrow. Aneri calls him on shaft and asks where he is. Dia explains he always behave this way whenever he has a fight with his girlfriend. Aneri asks who his girlfriend is. Dia tells her she lives at her place, Harry! Mikhail smiles. Dia was sure they have a connection, she jumped in between. Mikhail says there isn’t anything like this, Dia insists there is.
The next morning, Dia got ready while Harry sat idly. Dia asks what’s wrong, why can they be so immature. Harry tells her to talk to her friend. Dia wasn’t ready to talk to each other, for her friendship and relationship are equally important. She opens the door to Mikhail. Mikhail tells her to leave, takes a seat beside Harry. Harry asks what he wants. Mikhail says he wants to break his head, why he is so angry. Harry complains Mikhail why he wants to ruin their hard work. Mikhail wonders when he ceased trusting him, he can’t let them down. Harry wasn’t ready to trust him again and asks to find another instructor. Mikhail says he would get an instructor, where he would find a friend? Harry asks really, he must consider him as friend then. Mikhail qualifies there is no right without trust, Harry counters there is no trust without rights. Mikhail asks him to leave it, he miss him and needs him. Harry wasn’t ready, he was keeping his heart only as Mikhail doesn’t need anyone. Mikhail asks if Harry needs him, right? Harry tells Mikhail to do what he wants to, then hugs Mikhail. Mikhail smiled, Harry was expressionless.
In the academy, Sonam complains that doctor asked her to take rest. Baby explains she would have got bored here. Sonam tells Baby she is so confused, first she fought with Mikhail, got angry and then faint as well. Baby explains her one month hasn’t ended yet, she has to come here. Sonam asks Baby if she can leave. Baby comes in, thinking about Mikhail. She gets an idea, smiles and turns her wheelchair towards the mirror, mocking Mikhail and her conversation. She would say thanks to him, Mikhail would scold her for fainting, inspite of knowing there is no time in Soul Mates left. He scolded her to get to a corner without moving from there. She points towards the door and was shocked to see Aneri standing there. Baby apologizes, Aneri burst into laughter and appreciates Baby to talk exactly like Mikhail. Baby smiles.
Dia was worried, either they would have a breakup or a makeup. She wondered what if Harry and Mikhail…. Aneri and Dia laugh. Aneri was happy about their friendship. Dia asks Aneri about her and Mikhail’s friendship, she was about to tell them when Mikhail comes in. Harry follows him, Dia heads to hug them both. Mikhail goes to meet Aneri, Dia asks Harry if they makeup gain. Harry teases her to behave immature. Dia suggests about a celebration, Mikhail tells her he has already planned a bonfire for tonight. Aneri must also know they don’t only work and fight, they get happy as well. Baby turns her face away in dislike.

PRECAP: In the party, Baby was hurt by Mikhail and Aneri’s dance. Mikhail whispers to Aneri she dances really well, if there is something else he doesn’t know.

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