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Baby watch Nehtra dance in the morning in front of mirror in the dancing hall. She finishes her dancing, Baby was about to shut the music but then looks behind to confirm Nehtra had left. She dances on the same tune in front of the mirror. She smiles and takes her bag to leave.
Sonam makes Amar practice dance. Amar asks if she will end his story before it starts, Tara is a wonderful dancer and will he impress her this way? Kamini comes there, Sonam hides herself in the cloth piece. Amar runs towards her, Kamini says she got him lunch. She spots Sonam and calls her, she asks her about Baby. Kamini says that she and Baby’s mother was thinking about going to Gurdwara, she asks Sonam to come with them. Amar says they can’t go, Amar says that Guljeet (Sonam) can’t come as he has suggested

her as a baby sitter for his friend’s kids for two to three hours. Kamini asks to give her the address of Gurdwara. Sonam says she will text her. Kamini leaves. Sonam comes to eat Kachori, then realizes ant once and wonders where they will get Gurdwara in Goa.
In the auditions, Nehtra says she doesn’t like Tara. Ria and Maddy say she is brilliant, Mikhail tells them to short list her. He leaves telling them to continue with auditions.
Outside, Sonam comes to Baby and takes her aside. She tells her about Bua and Maa’s plan of coming to Gurdwara, they want to watch them work there. Baby says she can’t come as the main auditions are going on, Mikhail himself is taking the auditions. Sonam asks if she only cares for job, they will die if she doesn’t come. Baby hands over everything to Ajay and leaves. They hurry to Gurdwara in Taxi, the driver says he once saw one. Sonam asks him to find one.
Ajay couldn’t manage with the auditions. He sends a boy inside. Mikhail asks if he has come for Zaheer’s auditions, who sent him inside. The boy says the assistant did. Mikhail tells him to go out and send the assistant inside. He scolds Ria for holding her high on heads. Ria tells him to relax, she will watch her.
There, Sonam gets a text message from Bua for the address of Gurdwara. They panic.
Ria asks Ajay about Vicky. Ajay says Vicky has just gone to washroom. Ria asks if she didn’t tell him what to do, he must send her inside as soon as she comes, Mikhail called her. She tells Ajay to send the next contestant inside.
Finally the girls arrive at the Gurdwara. Both pray and look around for Bua. Sonam points at her for the phone. Baby says it is Ajay’s phone. Ajay tells her that they sent two wrong contestants inside. Baby says she had given her the list. Ajay says she must come, Mikhail is really angry and wants her here. Baby tells Sonam that there is crisis and she has to go to academy. Sonam says she can’t leave now, and points at Bua and Maa coming. Kamini says she didn’t know there is such a beautiful Gurdwara here in Goa, where Baby found it. Sonam makes up that Baby can even pray in her room as well. Maa was also shocked at the revelation. Sonam says this is why she has topped in the college. She tells them that they have to go to the manager cook. Baby steps her heel over Sonam’s foot, Sonam explains that she was just distracting her mother.
In the academy, Nehtra watches Mikhail rejecting all the girls. Another girl comes inside, he stops her and asks Ria what is this, couldn’t they handle a little audition. He asks if this is Sohani’s audition or Aneeli’s. He asks Nehtra is he has seen the results of hiring a stupid assistant.
Sonam and Baby were distributing the food and comes to Bua and Maa first. Guru comes there and asks them to serve at everyone’s turn. Sonam makes up to him that these two ladies have been thrown out of their house. Guru comes to serve with them. Sonam and Baby wonder how they both are eating this much. Sonam comes to Bua and maa and say if the food is so good, they will parcel it for them. Kamini tells them while leaving that they both served really well, but must come home in time.
Mikhail and team come out. Mikhail asks Ajay where is Vicky, this duty had been assigned to her. He shouts at Ajay in rage. Ajay says she had a family emergency, she had to leave.
Baby comes to Mikhail and asks if he called her. Mikhail says he wanted to tell her she has been fired, she must go away and it will be really bad if he even watch her around. Baby tries to explain, but he comes to her confrontation and tells her to get out now. Baby leaves with tears in her eyes, she turns around to see D4 academy labelled. Mikhail watches her go from behind the curtains. Baby comes to beach, each word of Mikhail ever echo in her mind.

PRECAP: Baby watches Mikhail and Nehtra kiss in pool. Baby tells Sonam on the pool side that she lost her job, and Mikhail kissed Nehtra even. Sonam asks why is she upset. Baby says for both. Amar tells Baby he will talk to Tara about her job. There, Ria asks Mikhail to call Baby as it is an important audition. Mikhail asks if she will tell him what to do. Ria says no, she has faith that he will decide correctly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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