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Mikhail asks Nehtra he wonders if to be angry at her or pity, Nehtra demands to love her like before. Dia calls her shameless, she lost friends, love and status still she is playing games. Nehtra laughs that this is fun, a loser can never understand the pleasure in playing games especially when one has power. She has an offer for them. Harry asks what offer. Nehtra demands Aneri’s role back, she will make sure Lalwani takes his loans back. Dia asks what secret agenda is behind this. Nehtra qualifies there is no secret agenda, she will be the lead and academy their’s. Mikhail and she would be the hottest dancing couple again. Dia asks about Mikhail’s consent, he was indecisive. Dia asks her for some time, they would answer her in a while. Mikhail says he has decided always, he asks Nehtra

to leave right away. Nehtra says he couldn’t leave his ego even in his end time, she will make sure he is destroyed completely. She leaves. Harry turns Mikhail and says it’s their last chance, Mikhail doesn’t want to talk about it. Harry forces him to say a yes to Nehtra.
Baby was sitting in her room thinking about Mikhail. She thinks about academy and Tarun assuring her feet would take time to work. She tries to stand up. Tarun comes to Kavita, she greets him and asks if today also he wants to give Baby a special session. Tarun asks about talking to Baby, Kavita sends him in her room. He watches Baby dancing and stops her, he asks what she was doing, if she wants to get back to wheelchair again. Baby demands to dance. Tarun says it will take time, Baby says she has no time. She is going back to Goa to do Mikhail’s show, she has only fifteen days for that. Tarun says he is doing this only because he is her doctor, she can get injured again and may permanently damage herself. Baby says she is going to Goa, she doesn’t need anyone’s permission or consent. Baby requests her as a doctor, friend and a human being to help her but not to advise her. Tarun says he can’t let her go there. Baby says either there is trust or there isn’t, there is no but; she learnt this from that stupid Mikhail. Tarun leaves annoyed.
Mikhail lay on floor, thinking about all the last proceedings. He looks up to see Nehtra standing there. He clarifies again he isn’t interested in any deal. Nehtra asks him to hear what she has to say. Mikhail demands what she want now. Nehtra says she doesn’t want any deal. Mikhail says she can’t help anyone, they had a relation of three years and she didn’t take ten minutes to leave. Nehtra says she wanted to save him from that Baby… Mikhail warns him to bring anyone in between. Nehtra spits that she isn’t like his friends who stab him on his back, she tells him that she wasn’t the one to send Baby away from him; its Harry. Mikhail was shocked. Nehtra says Harry forced Baby leave Soul Mates and his life, he may ask Harry himself about it.
Kavita asks Baby what she is saying, she promise to send her once her physiotherapy is over. Baby says she is going to do Mikhail’s show, he has staked everything for this show. He has envisioned this show for years, he wants everything perfect. He saw Aneri in her for his show, she couldn’t keep herself away from Soul Mates and Aneri. She also considered his passion as hers. No one can now save Soul Mates but Mikhail, and if his Aneri isn’t with him he would fail. Kavita says she is really confused, when she returned from Goa she didn’t want to hear his name. She inquires if she is hiding something? Baby says she is just going to do his show, and when it ends she will leave dance forever. She wonders how she should ask Papa. Kavita assures to talk about it.
Mikhail comes into terrace to Harry. He beat him hard saying he blamed Baby, but Harry was responsible for her to go. Harry punches him back saying it was for him, his show and academy. Mikhail says Harry was never his friend, he considered him a brother but nothing is different between him and Nehtra. Everyone took advantage of him, he lost everything, his show, academy, respect and the girl he… Harry comes to beat Mikhail now, saying he never betrayed him, he was and will always be his friend. Mikhail asks Harry to leave, and shouts at him to get out.
Harry comes to Nehtra’s home. Nehtra wonders if she is dreaming? Then boasts he now understands it can’t work without Nehtra. She drags him inside, and says he wants to do what she wanted. She asks if he thought she offered that deal to Mikhail, she knew Mikhail is stubborn and emotional fool but she was aware Harry would understand. Harry says she is more evil than he had thought, he wish he had another option but Soul Mates is necessary. He is ready to accept her conditions but only when he would play Rohan and not Mikhail. Nehtra was shocked this time.

PRECAP: Nehtra demands Harry if Mikhail would agree. Harry says he will take the decision today. Harry informs Dia about his decision. Dia sits with Mikhail that she is no more with Harry. There, Baby was ready to go to Mikhail to clear all her misunderstandings.

Update Credit to: Sona

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