D4 Get up and Dance 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Tarun offers Baby coffee in replacement of dinner. They drink together happily.
Harry announces a thanks to everyone for celebrating his real birthday. Dia explains its not only for his birthday but to say All the best to Mikhail, he is going to Delhi to make some money. Mikhail calls him right, they will die even after partying. Aneri thinks about Nehtra’s words. Mikhail comes to cheer Aneri up, as its about fifteen days only.
Harry suggests about a game, they would spin a bottle; whom is stops must answer. If he doesn’t answer, he must drink a shot. He spins the bottle saying it must stop at Dia, else he won’t get another chance to take her confession. The bottle stops at Dia, Harry holds her hand and asks whom her first kiss was with. They all clap and hoot her name, Mikhail

warns her that they would repeat this question until she replies. Dia tells them it didn’t mean anything, she was only fourteen but it was with Mikhail. Mikhail takes appreciations from anyone. Harry says this means Mikhail is a bad kisser, Mikhail offers a test. They all deny.
The bottle stops at Aneri, before Mikhail could ask a question Aneri takes a shot. They spin the bottle again, it again stops at Aneri and she takes in another shot. They keep on stopping Aneri until all the shots end.
Baby asks Tarun if he flirts with every girl patient. Tarun replies that others flirt with his innocent face. Baby says this means she must show them his real face. Tarun says may be what he is doing with him is a drama, to stop his feelings. Baby asks the meaning, Tarun stands up. Baby gets Kavita’s call to come out, Tarun goes to drop her out. Tarun asks Baby for her help in Doctor’s association cultural event, he has less know how about dance and she can help him with what is right and wrong. Baby agrees.
Aneri had a hangover. She laughs, Mikhail asks to reply. Aneri laughs at Dia’s first kiss with Mikhail. Gia says they were kids then. Aneri wish she would also have got Max in her childhood. She asks them to continue their play. The bottle again stops at Aneri. They all deny giving another shot to Aneri, Mikhail stops her. Harry asks Aneri about a secret she didn’t share with anyone till today. Aneri shys. Mikhail takes her out of the café, but Aneri says she has to tell them. Mikhail promises to share it with them. Aneri circles her arms around his neck and says I love you to Mikhail. Mikhail was speechless.
Mikhail helps her out, she fell on stairs and laugh at the pain assuring she is fine. Aneri wonders if it’s a dream or she really said so. Mikhail says he did. Aneri demands a reply, then was about to repeat. Mikhail assures they would talk about it later, when she is sober. Aneri says if she is sober she won’t be able to express, she is a shy person. She won’t be able to demand a kiss from him. Mikhail looks towards her, Aneri laughs again boasting she said it. She asks if he heard? Mikhail says yes, she complains he still didn’t kiss her. He has a problem, he doesn’t understand and listen to things. Mikhail holds her face.
Baby speaks in the mirror that she wish Mikhail could see her this way, standing on her feet without any support. Mikhail comes behind complaining she didn’t inform him, it was a huge thing and she didn’t consider sharing with him. Baby looks towards him and says she could have run towards him. Mikhail says its not needed, he is happy without her. Baby was sad, she asks if he miss her. Mikhail asks why he would miss her, everything is fine now. If she returns it will be ruined again, she must never return. He disappears. Baby looks behind to search for him, she says yes its true that her comeback would ruin everything. She won’t return until Mikhail calls her by himself.
Mikhail wakes up at the ring of his phone alarm. He wakes up at once, hurries to get ready and packs his bag. Harry drops him. Mikhail tells him he doesn’t know if he would stay or not.

PRECAP: Tarun asks Baby to show Mikhail how dance made her well. Mikhail asks Baby to show him how dance can heal someone? Baby stands up. Mikhail denies doing Tarun’s show. Amar tells Baby that Lalwani sealed the academy. Mikhail demands Baby to stay with him, only then he would do the show. Baby promises. Mikhal asks her not to promise, she has broken each promise till today.

Update Credit to: Sona

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