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Tara wakes Sonam in the morning. Sonam says she has been dreaming. Tara splits water on her and says she left her class in middle, Baby has asked for ointments and bandages in the academy. Sonam wonders what she will tell aunty why she is going even on her off. Sonam says she has handled and told her she has to go to Gurdwara in emergency. She holds Sonam outside.
Baby comes to academy and starts dance practice. Nehtra comes and asks what she is doing. She asks if she has ever performed on stage, what about audience as she is only dancing for herself. People play thousands for Mikhail’s show, she must perform to dazzle. She must perform as if to control each and every person there. She shows her some moves and asks Baby to do it then. Baby performs. Nehtra says she needs a little more

ooze and character. Baby picks up the moves so much and says she didn’t know there is so much in the stage performance. Nehtra says in stage performance, they are magicians and they control the audience by the power of their seduction, people must not be able to keep their eyes off Aneri, not even on Rohan. She says being s*xy is the key and asks her to do it together. They perform with each other. Nehtra thinks that she will make Baby so tired that by Mikhail comes she will have no stamina.
Baby works out with Mikhail. He shouts at her to do fast. Baby was soon tired. He holds her hands and move them even faster. She fells down. Mikhail says this is she in one hour, if she calls herself a dancer. She has no stamina. Baby says she will increase her stamina. Mikhail says she can’t do it and leaves.
Amar gets Sonam all the things in the list, she tells him this is for Baby. She asks him to come with her, he says he is busy. She asks if he doesn’t have to meet Tara. Amar says she wants to stay as friend, if he meets her daily his heart will break in the end. Sonam asks what is heart meant for, to love. Sometimes it breaks as well, but atleast he has used it. She says they will get him a new heart as well.
Baby takes the first aid kit and puts the ointment over her bruises.
Dia tells Nehtra that Mikhail never celebrates his birthday. Dia says this is why they are arranging a surprise party for him. Nehtra says he doesn’t like surprises. Dia tells her they are arranging a party for Mikahil, if she wants to help she can else its her choice. She hopes she won’t spoil their plan. Nehtra says offcourse she will help, Mikhail is her boyfriend. Dia wonders if arrangement if called boyfriend these days, she leaves curtly. She tells Nehtra to arrange for decorations, she and Harry will do snacks. She wonders how they will distract Mikhail and send him out. Nehtra says only she can do this. Dia says she has a lot to do, she hears Baby play the music and goes to Baby. Dia goes to her, Nehtra asks if she is crazy, if she will distract Mikhail. Baby doesn’t get anything.
Baby calls Sonam to reach soon. Sonam asks what happened to her damaged piece. Baby says Sonam had brought it yesterday only. Sonam asks if she has a memory loss. Baby smiles. Amar asks Baby if she was hurt at head that she is smiling. Baby says he isn’t hitler, he is sweet. She tells them that they have to take Mikhail out of academy for some time. They head outside, Baby thinks it won’t work but Sonam assures it will work because he secretly loves her.
Amar brings them to desserted place that they had asked him to get them to such an area. Sonam says it will take half an hour to come and then go back. Baby calls Mikhail and says she came to Anjana, it’s quite late and she couldn’t sort out how to get back. Mikhail asks how she reached there. Baby says her cousin dropped her, his phone is switched off. She can’t call home as well. He asks why she called him. Baby asks if he can pick her up. He asks why he? She must call Harry or Dia. Baby says Harry and Dia have gone somewhere and will return late. Mikhail tells her to stay where she is, he isn’t a driver of her. Nehtra hears the conversation and enjoys. Amar calls Mikhail crazy, Baby gets Mikhail’s call and apologizes him. Mikhail asks her to send the address of where she is, she must not move from there. He informs Nehtra Baby is stuck, he is going to pick Baby. Nehtra says he never picks her up, Mikhail says they live together and she is smart to handle herself.
Mikhail reaches Baby, she explains she lives in academy whole days and doesn’t get much time. She is sorry to disturb him. Mikhail says its about safety, if she knows what happens in Goa. If someone kidnaps her, it would be good shopping for them. The clouds begin to thunder. Baby apologizes saying she won’t do it again and asks him to leave. They get on his bike. It begins to rain heavily. Mikhail stops the bike, they spot some hiding and asks if she has seen enough. She gets a call and says they must go now. Mikhail asks her to go, she will fell ill, her training will stop and it will cost him. Her phone rings, he asks if she really is in urgency to meet boyfriend, she must have called him. She explains she has no boyfriend. She gets a message to pick the call. Baby heads to leave, Mikhail holds her hand and asks if she is crazy. She hurries that they must leave. He holds her to himself. They share an eye lock.

PRECAP: Mikhail asks what this all is, Dia asks what a dumb question; it’s his birthday party. Sonam asks where is Baby? Mikhail says he dropped her home. Sonam was drunk, she says Baby wait for him for two hours in a desserted place and what he did to her, drop her home? Mikhail dances thinking about Baby.

Update Credit to: Sona

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