D4 Get up and Dance 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Tarun cheers and goes to call the doctor. Baby was shocked and elated, talking to herself about being able to stand up. She promises Mikhail not to forgive him till her last breathe.
Mikhail was hitting the punching bag vigorously saying he threw her out of his life, he doesn’t care whatever she does. Neither will he look at her, or take her name nor will think about her.
Tarun asks Payal if she doesn’t have to go to her college, this is his clinic. Payal says he fall in love. Tarun asks if she needs money and hands her some. Payal says it’s a big deal. Tarun asks if she likes him. Parul demands for another thousand. Tarun shows her a water bottle to throw over her, she runs away; then comes to suggest him express his feelings with her.
Sonam hurries to Baby’s room, Kavita

and Baby’s father were waiting for her. Amar was online. Baby comes on wheel chair, she demands them to shut their eyes. She stands up and asks them to look at her now. Sonam was left open-mouthed. Kavita cries in elation hugging Baby. Amar wipes his tears. Kavita asks about Kamini, Amar promises to inform her when she is back.
Harry talks about college function. They were offering 40k, Mikhail wasn’t ready. Harry asks Mikhail but he denies, Harry demands an increase in budget. They were curt, Mikhail’s phone rings. It was Tarun from Delhi, he tells Mikhail he got his number from a patient. He is arranging All India’s Doctor’s Conference show, he is the best choreographer, and can he come there. Mikhail keeps two conditions, he doesn’t do Bollywood dance and he charge much. Tarun assures there won’t be any money problems, he must come to Delhi. If the show is confirmed he may stay, else they would sponsor the trip. Harry cheers and asks Mikhail to leave for Delhi, he and Dia would take care about everything here.
Sonam, Amar and Baby were talking to each other. Sonam shows Amar cake on video call. Sonam demands Baby when she would inform Mikhail, it was his hard work and if she would give the credit to Dr. Tarun. Amar also seconds Sonam. Baby denies telling Mikhail, she is just been able to stand up; how much time she would take to dance again is undetermined. When she would be alright, she will go to Goa and meet him personally to thank him. Sonam makes a whole story, if hero and heroine doesn’t meet public would run away. Baby denies anything like that, she forbid Amar tell Mikhail about it.
Mikhail sat on the outdoor of academy, lost with his thoughts. Nehtra comes to him with his favorite coffee. She wonders what happened in academy, they have to rehearse in the lawn. Its good media is unaware, else it would bring them fame. Mikhail calls Dia, Tara and Harry. He announces he is leaving for Delhi for a show, Soul Mates is their responsibility. He doesn’t care where they practice. Dance doesn’t need space, it needs passion only. He tells Nehtra whatever she does, she will never be able to stop this show or them. Dia assures Mikhail they won’t stop. He calls them for a group hug.
Aneri was practicing when Nehtra comes calling her dumb, stupid or idiot. Aneri asks her to leave if she has nothing to do. Nehtra asks if she leaves who would tell her about Mikhail’s reason to go to Delhi. Aneri says no one. Nehtra tells Aneri that she loves Mikhail, then laughs at her expression. They all know she loves Mikhail from day one, else what she is doing in this academy. But she is an idiot, she can’t envision what everyone can; she is a sweet girl. Mikhail is going to Delhi to bring Baby back, not only in Soul Mates but his life as well. It’s time for Aneri to think about her life, else she would lose him again. She doesn’t want Baby to confront her, Aneri must consider this.
In the clinic, Tarun tells Baby her reports are really good. Baby was excited to stand up, Tarun says it would take a few days for her feet to begin working. She was excited to exercise, jump and dance. Tarun asks Baby for a dinner with him, his sister is crazy about her and this favor of Baby would relieve his life. Baby agrees to go but after she gets well. Tarun moves Baby’s foot. He takes permission for a question, she might neglect answering if she dislikes. He asks if she loves someone. Baby thinks about Mikhail.

PRECAP: They play truth and dare. Harry spins the bottle, the one it stops at would answer a question or drink a shot. Aneri drinks a lot of shots. Harry questions her about a secret. Mikhail takes her home but she wants to tell the truth. Mikhail comes behind Baby and questions why she didn’t bother inform him about such a big matter.

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