D4 Get up and Dance 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mikhail tells Baby to become Aneri for him or pack her bags and leave. Baby goes to play the music, brace herself and begin the dance. Mikhail silently watch her for a while then leaves. Baby comes to the mirror, breathes deep and practices inspite of not being able to focus. She exerts herself but not being able to do it perfectly sits on the floor. She fell down, tries again but fell on the floor again. Mikhail comes back and finds her sitting on the floor, and says if she is resting. Baby stands up. Mikhail says they will begin from the start. He asks Baby to start, he keeps Baby’s elbows in place, holds her leg up that shouldn’t go down. Baby fell down, Mikhail gives her a towel and says she can never do something.
In the evening, Kavita tells Kamini that Baby has pain in all her

legs and hands. Sonam and Amar hear this, and comes crying for their hands to ache. She says they distributed Prasad in the Gourdwara and were tired. Amar’s arms also ached. Kamini asks them to go up and have rest.
Mikhail talks to Lalwani that he heard right and they have arranged a performance for him this week.
Harry was taking practice session. Dia comes to him and asks where is Mikhail. Harry tells her that he asked him conduct a session, he doesn’t know the rest.
Baby opens the door, Mikhail stops her there and shows her some photos on the screen. He is what his Aneri is, sometimes secret, sometimes an open book. She smiles widely, cries silently. He says from today only Aneri can come in this room, not Baby. Baby walks inside. Mikhail plays the music. Baby begins the dance. Her leg muscles ache with open leg move. Mikhail asks what happened. Baby says she practiced till late, her muscles ache. He asks if she has come for a garden walk, she must not stop till the last beat of music. He leaves.
Outside, Dia comes to Mikhail. Mikhail says she took too late to ask this time, he tells her that Lalwani asked for some demo about Soul Mates. Mikhail says that he asked him to come on Friday. He asks her not to complain. She says she won’t, this is his academy and he must do what he wants to. He says that Baby will be Aneri. He wants to see if she is the right Aneri, else he will throw her out himself. Dia asks what about Lalwani. Mikhail asks if she really thinks he would be able to differentiate between their real dance or monkey drama. They laugh. Dia says he still surprises her even after ten years. Mikhail says she still loves Harry and not him, laughs and hugs her tight. Nehtra heard the conversation.
Baby fell down again while practicing and hurt her hand. Nehtra comes to hold her up and says there is a trick to do it. She says she doesn’t shift her weight. Baby does this and is successful. Nehtra tells her to shift her hand down while doing it this time and with the weight shift she will get the balance. Baby thanks Nehtra as ma’am that she had been trying since morning. Nehtra says she can now call her Nehtra. Baby clarifies to Nehtra about her statement that she won’t audition for Aneri. Nehtra says she trusts Mikhail the most, if he thinks Baby can be Aneri it must be true. She says she always wanted to be Aneri for Soul mates, and was upset. Baby apologizes, Nehtra says she is no more upset. Nehtra says she will help her now, he has to show the sponsors a performance in which Baby will be Aneri. She says may be Mikhail doesn’t want to reveal the real Aneri, but Baby’s dance should be such that the sponsors give them cheques. She asks Baby to meet her tomorrow before Mikhail and keep it a secret they will surprise Mikhail later.
Mikhail dances in the academy. He thinks about baby while dancing. There, Baby practiced similar steps on the beach.

PRECAP: Mikhail says that Baby has no stamina, she works hard for increasing the stamina. Baby calls Mikhail that she came alone outside and it is really late, if he can pick her up. Mikhail comes at once. She apologizes for troubling her. He says he is more concerned about her safety. Suddenly there is heavy rain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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