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Sonam tells Amar about having bought two pairs of shoes as she gets a message. Amar points that her credit card has been stolen. Half face of a lady using credit card is shown.
Baby sat outdoor. Sonam gets her a drink and asks what exactly happened, why she makes her run away. Baby says it’s her last day at academy, it’s not about Mikhail but her own self. She won’t go to academy whatever Mikhail may do.
Nehtra again comes to Harry. He tells her not wanting to fight with her, and she knows his decision. Nehtra questions why she can look a yes in his eyes. Harry jerks her hand away, asking not to waste her time. She assures she is saving his time. Dia watches Nehtra getting close to Harry while he holds her hand away. She comes to Harry and asks what that was. Harry forbids her

talk rubbish, and asks about Mikhail; with Baby or Aneri. He is going home, she must inform his boss he is unwell.
At night, Sonam asks Baby if she is upset because of Aneri, everyone in academy talks about her. If Baby knew about her. Baby says she is Mikhail’s girlfriend. Sonam says Mikhail never called her a girlfriend, now he loves her only. He is excited about his friend, but he took her to academy himself. Baby insists she feels usless in between them. Sonam calls her jealous, it’s good to be; her cheeks go pink and lips red. Sonam laughs as she blushes; she was sure Mikhail won’t ignore her. They watch Mikhail and Aneri come to shaft. Baby calls her imagination to be real, Amar and Sonam were shocked watching them together. He compliments Aneri to be hot, Sonam asks if he got murdered? He and Sonam share and eye talk as Baby was lost in Mikhail and Aneri. Sonam heads towards them. She comes to meet Aneri and introduces herself as Mikhail’s best friend. She takes a seat and asks if she is Mikhail’s ex-girlfriend, girlfriend or his girlfriend to be, or his childhood crush or a crazy fan. Amar stops her, but Sonam insists she can’t sleep until this mystery in her mind gets solved. Aneri says she must tell her, and looks towards Mikhail for his consent. He nods. Aneri asks what we call when one person saves another’s life; Sonam and Amar suggests life saver, barter. Aneri tells them she is that all to Max, in fact what they didn’t say. Mikhail only stares smiling at her only. Amar asks where she had been for so long. Mikhail holds her hand, and tells she had been looking for him. Sonam shouts, Aneri shouts the same as well. Amar and Sonam take a leave, Baby was upset and moves her wheel chair away.
The next morning, Baby wakes up then lay on bed again. She sits up again, gets on her wheel chair and after getting fresh and plays loud music to wake Sonam up, Sonam doesn’t move. Baby toss a stick in her ear, Sonam turns to fell off the bed. Baby reminds her of her promise to take Baby out and wakes her up. Sonam asks where she has to go, Baby asks to go to academy. Sonam reminds she didn’t want to go to academy, she is so confused and it happens only when one is in love. She goes to washroom.
In the academy, Sonam tells Baby Mikhail waits all time every morning for her, he must confess if he loves her. Baby denies this. Tara comes informing Baby Mikhail awaited her for long time, but he left now. Baby asks when he would come back. Tara was clueless. Sonam gets another message again about shopping and informs Tara about her credit card getting stolen. She and Amar are stalking him, and leaves.
Baby asks Tara if Mikhail went alone, Tara says Aneri is with him. She calls Aneri to be cute, they sure have something between them. Mikhail denies to Aneri there is nothing between them, Aneri guesses there is. Mikhail tells her she is important because she is the main lead of his show, and he promised her family to make her well.

PRECAP: Tara plays a few videos for Baby that Mikhail asked her to play. She pants and faints on wheel chair watching Aneri and Mikhail together in the videos.

Update Credit to: Sona

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