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Payal brings coffee for Tarun, Tarun wonders if she is fine. Payal reminds him of not being a miser. He demands him to take Mikhail on a date, she loves him a lot. Tarun laughs, he tells Payal he doesn’t want to lose his life while sending Mikhail on date with her, and he is a short tempered man who doesn’t even know the meaning of fun. Payal asks if she ever asked him not to like Baby, but always supported him. Tarun tells Payal that Baby may love someone else, he called Mikhail to surprise Baby but they both looked at each other as if going to murder one another.
Baby stands up in the hall and walks to the mirror trying to keep her balance. She does the dance steps using her hands only. Mikhail comes and watch her struggle with her leg moves. He comes behind her and asks why she didn’t

inform him, didn’t she know how much she waited this day. Baby says she wanted to tell, then she thought it would be better for all. Mikhail asks if everyone or herself only, she tries to speak but could only stare. Mikhail says he lost… Baby forbids him say this. He comes behind her, holds her hand turning her towards himself and holds her in dancing position. He asks if he can be the Mikhail she danced for the first time, Baby nods recalling their first confrontations. He dances with her held above the floor. Both recall their dances together. The song ‘Kuc h Tou Hai’ plays. Tarun comes there and exclaims wow, Baby is dancing with him and she didn’t talk to him about dance.
He says it took him so many days to bring Baby in for him, he gives her a bouquet for her sweet smile and hands. He was about to kiss the back of her hand, she withdraws wondering what this is. Tarun says he has been unable to prevent himself. He asks Mikhail to dance carefully with Baby, she is really delicate and might damage her leg again. He asks Mikhail take his permission before dancing with Baby again, atleast he made her well. Baby stops Tarun and qualifies to Mikhail that Tarun is lying. Tarun tells Baby she isn’t yet ready to dance, and asks an approval from Mikhail. Mikhail curtly says yes. Tarun gives a surprise to Baby informing about taking her to a dinner, he took permission from her mother as well.
Mikhail apologizes Tarun for dancing with his patient, he came to say he isnt doing his show anymore. He leaves with his bags and takes a taxi for airport. Tarun calls him a crazy man, he got him 50 lacs to do the show. Baby demands what is this all, and what was the need to bring chocolates and flowers in front of Mikhail. Tarun says these flowers are because she dress up like flowers and is sweet as chocolate. Baby inquires was it necessary to say in front of Mikhail. Tarun asks what Mikhail’s concern with this all is, he felt this for her for a long time. Baby leaves.
Harry and Dia were upset about Aneri. Mikhail asks what about Aneri? Harry asks when he came back from Delhi? Mikhail says no, he can’t ignore Soul Mates behind a show, he left it. He asks what about Aneri? They were silent. Mikhail shouts Dia? Dia tells Mikhail that Aneri left. Mikhail was shocked. Dia says she packed her bags and left Goa, they got to know from Tara. Mikhail slaps his bag, and tries her number. Harry says they tried everything, she won’t pick up the call. Mikhail thinks about her love confession, and says its because of him. She said she loves him and he considered her a friend, he broke her heart; why would she stay with him. Dia comes to hug Mikhail. Harry asks what about Soul Mates. Mikhail says dead, Harry asks Academy? Mikhail says it will be lost in a few days, everything would end. Nothing is left now, he couldn’t do anything. Nehtra comes there cheering at his game over. She says she thought she would never hear this from his mouth, but finally Mikhail accepted defeat.
In her room, Baby wonders if Mikhail is so stubborn or he hates her so much that he is ready to lose his academy. She calls Amar and tells him crying that Mikhail left the show, she was worried what will happen now. Amar says his mind doesn’t work because of anger, he informs Baby that Aneri has left the academy and this means there won’t be Soul Mates. Baby was worried, she says all her efforts went useless. Her phone drops her hand, she fell on the bed crying.

PRECAP: Nehtra offers one lac to Mikhail to save his academy, on a condition they give her the role of Aneri. Baby practices dance, Tarun stops her but she says she has no time, she is going to Goa to do Mikhail’s show. There, Mikhail beats Harry upon knowing about his reality. Harry is ready to accept Nehtra’s condition but on a condition that he would play Rohan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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