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Mikhail says to Dia that once Baby feels the dancer in herself she won’t be able to leave him for lifetime. Dia asks him? Mikhail says Soulmates, he asks to trust him she won’t leave. Harry comes there, Dia wasn’t compelled.
Baby’s mother and bua scold the three of them where they had been. Baby says they had gone out, she asks Amar to connect her papa. Her papa cheered watching them all, Baby takes the seat. Sonam asks what is baby upto. Amar says whatever it is about, he will get scolded. Baby says she has to continue the job for one more month. Papa was angry and asks Kavita what is she saying, her mother says she also didn’t know about it. Baby says he always ask her to finish anything that one begins, they really needed her. Baby promises she will not let him complain, she

will study whole night and completer her assignments. He allows her for one month only.
Outside, Sonam doubted that she was really Baby, because she had lied to her Papa. Baby says she didn’t lie, she wants to continue for one month and will study as well. Amar says he will also study with Baby and may improve his results, then his mom might get him a bike to impress Tara. Sonam says she won’t let them both sleep. Baby thinks these 30 days are hers only, she will dance to her fullest in these days, after that she has to do MBA.
Nehtra comes to Mikhail and asks if he will make her Aneri? She isn’t even a dancer, if he is crazy. Mikhail asks Nehtra not to over react, she knows what audition is. Nehtra says he is insulting her dance and experiencing, he has been insulting her. Mikhail says everything is not about her only, he had told her already to stay away from Soul Mates. Nehtra asks why, everyone will humiliate and laugh at her. She asks him to let this girl go. Mikhail says she can’t order her. Nehtra says she is the lead dancer of this academy and his girlfriend, isn’t she this rightful. Mikhail gets to seat, he says they started off as dance partners and have fulfilled each others needs only. This was never love. If she interferes in his work he will something that she will regret for lifetime. Nehtra cries that she loves him really, everyone in her life left her; she won’t be able to live if he does to. She hugs him, he tells her he is here, she is the best partner of her, she needs to trust her. She must never interfere in his professional life from now on. Nehtra hugs him and thinks she will never let him away from herself.
Sonam was asleep in the shaft when Amar brings breakfast for Baby. Sonam asks why so much for her. Amar says she has to dance whole day. He doesn’t let her take a single bite, but Sonam says Baby is really excited that won’t eat a single bite. They fight over the breakfast. A waiter tells them Baby has left already.
Baby comes to academy, some fellows say they didn’t know Baby is a dancer and Mikhail himself asked her for auditon. Baby says she isn’t a dancer, she learnt dancing watching Mikhail’s videos. They wonder how Mikhail chose her as he wants the best for dancing. Harry informs them that Mikhail is about to come, they must stay warm and continue their exercises. Mikhail comes in, he gives them a good news that this week there would be no elimination. He shows them a demo video of soul mates, they must watch it and begin the practice. He says he doesn’t only want steps, he wants to see the innocence, the excitement to meet Rohan and love for Rohan. Baby watches the video intently. This weekend he will see who could grasp the character of Aneri, and on the basis of that there will be elimination next week. He asks them for positions, calls Baby forward to himself and says she isn’t a trained dancer like them, she will practice separately. The girls giggle, Dia comes there. Mikhail says he had been waiting for her, they both take girl’s session and he will train Baby. He leaves asking Baby to follow him.
In the practice hall, Mikhail asks Baby to come in the middle. He instructs her with the steps. He asks if she is ready for hardwork, she says yes. He asks if she will give her 100%, she says yes. He swirls her around and says he wants 1000%. Baby takes an eye off his stare. He asks what is there beneath, and tells her to do it from start. He plays the music, tells Baby to stop, again, then stop and again. She stops at once. He asks what happened. She says she needs some more time. Mikhail says he has so much time for her, if she needs six months training before audition. He tells her he isn’t here for charity, she wanted an opportunity to dance and he wanted his Aneri. He accepted all her condition, he has a single condition; be Aneri for him or pack her bags and leave.

PRECAP: Mikhail tells Baby about Aneri, he says only Aneri can come in the room. Mikhail tells Dia that Lalwani wants to see Aneri’s performance. Baby will do it, he wants to see if she is the right choice, so if Baby does it well she will practice with the rest of the girls and if not; he will throw her out himself. Nehtra hears this, she tells Baby that she will help Baby out with the practice. Baby and Mikhail practices separately.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Interesting ,much like d4 get up dance.
    Michael baby are will be sizzling couple.

  2. D4 is nice.. I have just 1 problem with the show.. problem as in what is d4? It was d3 before so it’s d4 now? Angry young man doesn’t suit Utkarsh.. oh I forgot.. dhokebaaz character suits him.. he looked soo sweet as shy boy dhruv.. I like diya the most on the show?.. sonam is also nice.. aneri is beautiful?
    All in all d show is good..

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