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Sonam was shocked to hear Baby’s story and asks why she returned crying. Baby says she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. Sonam says she has to, Baby says it wasn’t his mitake, she made his mistake and he was just reacting. Sonam says if they don’t teach that monster a lesson, their nose will be cut out. Amar comes in then, Sonam hides from him behind Baby but he insists on watching who it is. He shouts Sonam’s name as she comes out, she presses his mouth and explain to him why she is hiding. She gets an idea.
In the market, Baby tells them that she isnt concerned about taking any revenge. Sonam calls her useless and asks him to find what they came for. Baby watches Mikhail in the store, she hids herself behind the shelves. Everything fell off on the floor, Sonam was about

to slip when Mikhail holds her. She was awestruck. Mikhail bends her leg, Baby watches him do that from behind the shelf. He tells Sonam to go to doctor if there is much pain. Sonam calls him thankyou, baby smiles watching him leave.
In the café, Sonam tells Baby that Mikhail isn’t monster. Baby says she already knew he isn’t bad. Sonam tells Baby that if she has loved she must dare say I love you to him as well, if he says yes alright else find someone else. Baby says it was her mistake, she will say sorry to him as well. She goes towards the beach.

On the beach, Mikhail comes to join the volley ball match. He takes his shirt off before the match.
Sonam comes to Baby and asks her to go and say sorry, her love story will begin again. Baby watches Mikhail play. He turns towards her at once, takes his glasses off. She feels awkward. Mikhail smiles, moves towards her and points at her to come to her. He finally calls Nehtra to come fast. Nehtra comes to hug him tight, he kisses her. Baby leaves.
Sonam and Amar come behind Baby. Sonam asks her to chill, an only hug doesn’t make someone a girlfriend. Amar says there is still a chance. Baby says she doesn’t need a chance with him. She doesn’t love him. They call her a liar. Sonam takes her for tarot card reading, Baby come away from there. Sonam makes the payment. Baby says she never wanted to make fun of him, she just wants to clear her position and leaves. Baby and Amar come behind him.
Nehtra asks Mikhail to stay with her till morning. Mikhail says he loves his bed more. Nehtra offers to design Aneeli’s costumes. Mikhail says Aneeli is soul mate’s heroine, she must not get her into their bedroom as he doesn’t mix up his personal and professional life.
The next morning, Sonam slept keeping her leg on Baby’s face. Baby wakes up when she watches her mother bringing breakfast for them. She hides Sonam’s face with the cloth piece, her mom turns to see her worried and offers her tea. She watches Sonam and asks if she even sleeps with her face covered? Baby says she even bathes like this. Baby says she last saw her face in class 7. Her mom hands her tea and asks to wake Sonam up. On the breakfast table, Mom watches Sonam eating with the veil. Baby was concerned. The phone bell rings, Baby goes to pick up the phone and was happy to see her papa’s call. She goes to a side, she tells her Papa this is Baby. Her papa asks how she is. Baby says she isn’t fine because he isn’t talking to her. She asks if he is angry with her. Her papa asks if there is some reason to get angry. She remembers the video. She says no, there is nothing. She asks why he is angry with her. He asks if she wants it all to become like before, then she must do what Kamini is asking her to. Kamini was on stairs, she asks Baby if it was her papa, what he said. Baby says nothing, but maybe he is angry with her. Kamini says this is the problem with this generation, you people only think about yourself. Her papa had thought a lot for her, and what she did for him. He must also have some expectations from her. Kamini says that since she has come here, she must learn something. Getting good marks isn’t the only thing, she must also know how to cook. Baby says to Kamini that her papa never let her in the kitchen ever, Bua says no matter what she will cook with her today. She says they will cook pasta today. Sonam watches them curtly. Sonam comes to Kamini and says she forgot she has to go to Gurdwara. Kamini was happy and asks if she goes to Gurdwara every Monday, Sonam says she goes thrice a week but must on Mondays. Baby’s mother asks which Gurdwara she goes in Delhi, Sonam tells her an address. Her mother catches her lying, Sonam makes another story.
Nehtra dances. Mikhail comes out and watches her dance. She pants as she comes confronting Mikhail. He asks if this is new. She says she made it yesterday. He says practice needed and leaves.

PRECAP: Mikhail says Soul Mates is his dream, the most difficult and important project of his life. Nehtra asks Mikhail to assist him in Aneeli’s choreography. Mikhail tells Maddy that Nehtra isn’t a sure shot for Aneeli. Baby watches Mikhail practice.

Update Credit to: Sona

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