D4 Get up and Dance 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mikhail brings Aneri to practice room, she cheers and appreciates the place, watches his albums while he only eye her. She asks what happened, why he is looking at her this way. He moves closer, wondering if she would vanish again, or if she is truly here with him, in this room; is it a dream that will break all at once? Aneri smiles, Mikhail also laugh. Aneri confirms this isn’t any dream, her life couldn’t move on without meeting him. Mikhail tells her that he thought when she had left that day, he thought she didn’t want to meet him. Aneri explains she didn’t want him to get worried, Mikhail confesses he was worried but not because of her but for her. He looked around for her but… She suggests about forgetting the past, and demands to see Goa. She was excited about riding his bike;

Baby watches them play outside, Aneri sits behind Mikhail hugging him from back. She felt bad. She calls Sonam to come soon, Sonam goes to meet Amar in shaft while Baby was still lost in Mikhail and Aneri’s thought. Amar asks Baby how Mikhail left her earlier, Baby curtly says he doesn’t care where she is. Sonam asks why Baby is lost in the waves of sea, Amar tries to cheer her up; she could only think about Mikhail and Aneri’s chemistry. Amar and Sonam argue, Baby was irritated and demands about going home.
Nehtra comes to Harry, Harry questions if she still wants to destroy someone other than Lalwani as well. He won’t be impressed by her s*xy moves. Nehtra tries to flirt with him, she offers him an inquiry about a corporate choreography offering big money. Harry asks her not to waste her time, he only choreographs for this academy. Nehtra reminds him he is Mikhail’s employ, he is only worth Mikhail’s shadow and considers himself celebrity after his shine. He has no ability to do anything by himself. Harry asks if he should push her out again, Nehtra was sure her words would haunt him always.At home, Baby sat upset and cries thinking about Mikhail and Aneri.
In the academy hall, Dia informs Baby that Mikhail asked them all to wait here. Mikhail comes in to introduce them all with someone who left a deep impression in his life, he goes to get Aneri. Nehtra was shocked, Dia goes to meet Aneri and tells her they all thought she was only Mikhail’s imagination, even she was unaware being his best friend… Harry qualifies it seems there is a lot they don’t know about Mikhail. Mikhail tells them he was unaware where Aneri is, and today he accepts he is only here because of Aneri. Aneri tells them that her life must have ended if he wasn’t there. Mikhail announces Aneri is a guest in the academy, he wants her to know about them all. Only Dia smiles at Mikhail, he tells Baby to wait for him in rehearsal hall, he would meet her after two hours. Nehtra stops Mikhail, he was curt at her but she reminds she now works for Lalwani and takes her decisions herself. Mikhail heads to go away, Nehtra stops him hoping this Aneri knows dancing else there will be two Aneris and not a single Soul Mate of Rohan. She points a finger at him, Aneri asks Mikhail to move on towards their bright future. Nehtra feels pity for Baby, taunting her that she has lost what she snatched from Nehtra.
Dia asks Baby who is Aneri as Mikhail never discussed about her. Baby asks if she is his girlfriend. Dia says it seems to be, may be that’s the reason he kept the name of Soul Mates’s heroine after her. She shares with Baby that once she had asked Mikhail why Aneri is so perfect, Mikhail boasted his Aneri is like that. Mikhail was really different with her, he laughed and joked with her. She was happy Mikhail seems relaxed, he needed someone just like her, someone opposite of Nehtra. Baby was lost, then seconds Dia. She asks Dia to leave her here and go to her class, Sonam would take her home.

PRECAP: Sonam asks Baby if she is upset because of Aneri. Baby says she is his girlfriend. At dinner, Sonam asks Aneri who she is, Mikhail’s girl friend, ex girlfriend or his childhood crush; Aneri boasts she is everything to Mikhail, even what they haven’t counted. Mikhail only smiles looking at her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Who s she ….. and why did she come ..ohh Aneri….

    Baby s so upset and s Aneri s mikhail girlfriend. …i dont think soo…so baby stay calm and d pre-cap s incomplete baby says that she love Mikhail so…waiting fr Monday’s episode…. thanks fr d update sona di

  2. Priya Senthil

    This Aneri must be Mikhail’s friend..may be he is doing a drama to make Baby stand on her feet soon..

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