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Harry comes out to Mikhail taunting that uptil now his heroine has no chance to come back to dance. Mikhail silently goes inside. Nehtra watches this from inside.
Harry dances in the academy in frustration. Nehtra comes to him, reminding him he is alone here. She is curious to know what he is doing in this academy, he is a fabulous dancer and choreographer and suggests him about making his own productions. Harry asks her to go away, Nehtra warns him to watch out, may be if he needs her in a few days she can’t spare time.
Kavita opens the door and welcomes Mikhail. She calls Amar, Sonam. Baby comes with Sonam, Kavita goes to get water for them. Sonam notices Mikhail and Sonam sharing an eye lock. Sonam discloses Mikhail already came her twice, Kavita asks her to zip her mouth up

and calls her to kitchen. Sonam notices the eye lock Baby and Mikhail share and takes Amar along her. Mikhail gives a gift to Baby, she asks what it is. He says it’s a bribe not to fight with him again, he would never ask her do anything she doesn’t want. He kneels down, saying he would wait for the day she asks him to help her. Baby looks away from his stare, asking what if she never says so. He tells her he would be at loss then, he was sure she would say because she would be at the greatest loss. Kavita calls them for dinner, Baby asks him to go. He takes her wheelchair.
Kavita and Kamini feed Mikhail to full. They all enjoy him being stuffed with food. Sonam and Amar make fun of him, he wasn’t even able to speak. He stands up at once when Kavita is about to fill his plate again. Baby forbids Kavita forcing him, Mikhail thanks her. Baby asks what’s for sweet dish, there is a silence followed by burst of laughter.
Baby opens the gift box, finding shoes made of gold and a message from Mikhail. She was determined and encouraged again. The next morning, she comes to academy saying Good morning. Mikhail comes to adjust her chair at once. She asks what to do next. Mikhail says first of all, remove the hands from wheel chair handles. Until she holds them, they will hold her back. He keeps her hand over his shoulder asking to put her weight over him and try to stand up, does she trust him. She nods and tries. She gives up finally saying no, he gives her second hand as well. They struggles. Baby gives up, she was irritated and asks him to forget her as Aneri, and she will never be able to dance. Baby says sometimes one must accept today. Mikhail says truth change every day, today’s truth is that she tried. She weeps, he gets closer to her, wiping her tear off her face. A girls come in then, Mikhail cheers meeting her as Aneri. He clutches her tight, hugs and swirls around with her; confessing he had lost hope about meeting her again. Aneri says she always found him as Max, but he shouldn’t have been a celebrity; she then found his photo as celebrity article in a magazine. Mikhail cheers he is happy today to be a celebrity. Baby sits jealoused, Mikhail introduces her to Aneri as his productions’s main lead. Baby says she hasn’t yet become a main lead. Mikhail looks at Aneri, introducing her as… Aneri qualifies she is his missed memory. Mikhail asks Baby to call Sonam, he would go with Aneri.

PRECAP: Mikhail announces he wants to introduce them all to Aneri. Sonam asks Baby why is she upset. Baby says she is Mikhail’s girlfriend. Aneri says she is everything for Mikhail.

Update Credit to: Sona

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