D4 Get up and Dance 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Payal, Tarun’s sister makes a call to Mikhail. Baby promises to give his number to her. Tarun apologizes Baby calling his sister to be crazy. Baby shares Mikhail’s number to her. Mikhail then calls Baby’s number but she was worried and doesn’t pick up.
Tara was helping Aneri with practice, Amar comes there. Aneri takes a leave. Tara asks Amar why he is upset. Amar questions Tara why she was teaching dance to Aneri, she is his friend and was helping her. Tara says Aneri is their show’s lead. Amar says Tara is friend of Baby’s brother, how she can help Aneri. Tara makes him understand that Baby would also suggest that she helps Aneri with the dance.
The doctor asks Tarun where he had taken Baby, Kavita says she doesn’t want Tarun to take Baby’s case. The doctor asks Tarun

to come to his office, but Baby advocates that she asked Tarun to take her out. Tarun silently thanks Baby while Kavita takes her away.
Nehtra laughs and informs Lalwani there was no one with them, she really enjoyed when the seal was being put on. Mikhail comes to snatch and throw her cell phone away. He asks what happened to her, whatever she is its only because of this academy. Mikhail says there was a time he valued her, but now he doesn’t care. Right now its just the rehearsal hall that got sealed. Mikhail says till he is here, neither the hall nor the show will be sealed. Nehtra challenges this would be his last show, and industry’s biggest failure. She will make sure she gets no other work again. Mikhail challenges she would fell to his feet and apologize.
Amar wanders outside the academy and asks a boy about Tara. He tells Amar their rehearsal hall was sealed, no one know where they are going to rehearse. Dia takes the class outdoor, she apologizes the students and tells them to manage in anyway. Harry and Mikhail were trying, Dia comes and asks them to get the rehearsal halls open. Mikhail curtly asks if he should hold Nehtra and Lalwani’s foot. Harry suggests about a few small functions. Mikhail wasn’t ready, he says only Hollywood is an option but that would take their focus off Soul Mates, and Baby…. Aneri needs a lot of practice. Mikhail watches Amar talking to students, Mikhail goes to get his collar and asks him to tell Baby enjoy his destruction’s party. Amar tells Mikhail he would regret one day, for whatever he blamed Baby for. He stares Harry and Dia before leaving.
Baby explains to Amar that if Sonam stays with her, she will not be able to enjoy for whole life. Amar insists she would get well soon. Baby says she has accepted it and they must as well, that she has to stay on wheel chair for a long time. Amar tells her that only dance can make her well, she would have been better now. Baby gets annoyed. Amar promises not to talk about this topic. He was about to tell Baby about academy, but she denies listening anything about academy and go to sleep.
The next morning, Mikhail was jogging on beach, enraged about Baby and her accusation of promise. Mikhail thinks he could have turn his promise true, but he promises not to remember her again and forget her forever.
Tarun tells Baby in clinic that Stephen Hawking and Helen Kevin. It was their passion that make their passion to be their power, and inspite of being handicapped they are so successful. He wants to awake her passion of dance as well. Baby denies getting treated by him, and leaves annoyed.
Baby plays the video of Mikhail’s dance, Tarun watches her looking intensely at it. She recalls her dance, audition, accident and Mikhail’s promises. She tries to get up, Tarun comes to help her. Baby keeps her foot on the floor.

PRECAP: Baby was still hopeless that she might not be able to dance and walk properly for quite some time. Tarun calls Mikhail for an All India Doctor’s conference and invites Mikhail for the show. Mikhail was ready to leave for Delhi. Nehtra fills Aneri’s ears that Mikhail wants to bring Baby back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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