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Baby opens her eyes to find herself alone, she turns around and Mikhail was there. She asks if he is sure she would be able to dance again. Mikhail promises not to leave any leaves turned. Dia was in her class when she finds Baby completing the paper work. Baby asks Dia to go dance, she would not it down. Mikhail was happy watch her work from outside.
At home, Baby tells Kavita Mikhail made her realize if she believes she would be able to walk. Kavita was happy with the optimism in Baby’s tone. In the room, Amar asks Sonam to keep away from Kavita, she hates her again. Sonam says she only loved Guljeet. She and Sonam make a rap for all what Sonam had done to baby and Mikhail, Baby laughs loud with all the conversation. Kavita gets teary watching this.
On the dinner table, Kavita

announces she and Kamini are going to cook Baby’s favorite dishes. Amar and Sonam count their favorites too. Baby seconds them, both go to hug Baby. Kavita asks to invite Mikhail as well. Sonam seconds Kavita and assures she will invite him.
In the bed, Baby thinks about Mikhail’s promises. The next day, Baby asks where they are going. He takes her to the pool side, takes her shoes off and dips her feet in feet. She smiles that she likes it. He holds and moves her foot, it aches. He helps her get her feet inside water. He asks if she feels it. She says its cold, he asks if she feels the rhythm. She was clueless. He tells her water has its own rhythm, then makes ripples in water. He asks her to shut her eyes, imagine a step of 16 minutes and feel her feet dancing on it. Baby imagines herself on the beach, practicing while waves came to hit her. He asks her to move any of her finger, she tries hard. Mikhail bucks her up, shouts at her to change her truth, remember how she used to practice. Baby struggles, he shouts at her. She shouts back she can’t do this. She was upset, and irritated she has to go back. He takes her wheel chair away of the swimming pool.
A guy asks Amar in the shaft where is his non-stop comedy channel, he appreciates Tara who was just coming to academy. Amar heads towards her in excitement and asks what she is doing so early. She asks her for a coffee with her, he was lost for a while, then excited and cheers. He asks where they would have it, she suggests her place; he accepts all at once. She asks if he is free, she wants a drop till academy. He was excited, and goes with her.
In the academy, Sonam comes to Amar asking why he called. Amar asks for her help. He tells her Tara invited him for coffee, she asks if she wants to learn making coffee. Amar shuts her mouth up, she was shocked. Sonam boasts about her talent about turning a monkey to Ranveer Kapoor. She makes him conscious about the hygiene. He shuts her up and denies going to coffee.
Mikhail works out in the garden, Baby watches him do the steps and remembers her practice. He notices her while his workout. He asks if she is ready for one more practice. Baby asks what he wants. Mikhail wants to prove the old Baby is still inside her, determined and striving for her dreams. Baby turns to leave irritated, and says she isnt the same Baby, that Baby died in accident. Sonam comes there, and asks what is she doing alone and sad? She asks if she again fought Mikhail. Baby asks her to go back home, Sonam agrees. Mikhail asks her to take Baby to Dia, she has some work. Baby insists she has to go home, Mikhail says Dia is waiting for her. Sonam seconds Mikhail. She asks if she told Mikhail about night’s plan. Mikhail asks what it is, Sonam says it is dinner and Baby’s mom invited him too. Harry watches this. Sonam asks Mikhail not to say no, Kavita might have a heart attack saying no. Baby eyes Sonam. Mikhail promises to come.

PRECAP: Baby tries to stand up holding Mikhail. Baby asks him to chose another Aneri, Mikhail says it isnt about Soul mates. The big things is she tried, until she does she won’t lose. He wipes her tear getting close to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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