D4 Get up and Dance 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Baby looks around her room and asks Kavita about her scrap book. She looks in the cupboard, finds the diary and hugs it. She opens it, it contained her and Mikhail’s photos arranged together.
At night, on the shaft there was a dance performance on stage. People gather to watch him perform. Mikhail was drinking downstairs, he watches Baby in front of him during his hang over. He comes to her and asks what she is doing here, her brother said she left Goa. Baby says yes, she left. Mikhail asks why she came back, and is well at once? If she came to dance? Baby inquires why he is asking when he already knows the answer. Mikhail shouts she changes the answer again and again. Baby insists she did what he want. Mikhail says no, when he asked her to stay she left, but when he wanted her to stay

away she is here in front of him; why is he torturing him? He wonders if he really hates her, because he is missing her so much that he wants to kiss her. He comes close to her, then remembers about her last words. He gets enraged, he accuses her to make him lose his focus; she must remain away from his academy, his people, his dance and his mind and heart. He shouts at her to leave and never return, pushing her away. It was Aneri who fell on the ground, Aneri demands why he pushed her? Everyone stared at Mikhail, Mikhail looks around and asks where she went. Aneri tells him he has been shouting at no body for a long time. She tells him that Dia and Harry sent her here, they are worried for him. Mikhail sends her home, no one needs to be tensed for him. He drinks again.
Baby speaks to Mikhail while watching his video, that everything will be fine. She can live without him, he must move forward and fulfil his dream at any cost.
Mikhail watches the dance show, he was dizzy still she moves towards the stage. He joins them in their performance. Dia and Harry were worried watching him dance in such a state. The crowd claps for Mikhai, the manager comes to shake hands with Mikhail.
Dia questions Harry what was the need if they had to change the whole choreography. Harry says they atleast have some hope now, they were at dead line. Dia asks what about Baby? Harry asks why she accuses him all the time, Baby herself realized she can’t do compromise. Dia insists Baby did compromise, and now Mikhail also did although he hates compromise. Mikhail comes from behind and says if they have to do Soul Mates, he must compromise. Mikhail says now they won’t think what Soul Mates could be, they will now think what they can make of it. If they can’t pay Lalwani’s installment, there will neither be show nor academy. Dia assures him about finding a solution.
In Delhi, Tushar brings Baby’s wheel chair to a garden. Baby was upset and asks not to do the exercise here. Tushar wonders if she was a front bencher in her school, that complaint about everything to class teacher. Baby was upset. Tushar insists he wants to know about her, and asks if she is a dancer. Baby is left open mouthed, Tushar gets her to be a liar. He does a few stretches, and asks to inform if it pains. Baby shows Tushar her dancing video with Mikhail. He calls her amazing, and asks if she is professional. Baby says she loves dancing, but not professional; it was for a few days. She had to do a show, then had accident. Tushar asks to see the video again, his sister joins them. She was excited to see Mikhail, and asks if she learnt from him. Tushar asks who Mikhail is, his sister calls him oldie and informs him Mikhail is a star choreographer. She thinks if Mikhail if her friend she must have his number as well. Baby forbids her but she makes a call to Mikhail.

PRECAP: Mikhail watches the phone ringing and throws it on the floor. Amar comes to academy, Mikhail pushes him away to be Baby’s brother. Amar says he would one day regret what he is saying. Baby watches the dance video and unknowingly stands up from wheel chair. Tushar helps her in that.

Update Credit to: Sona

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