D4 Get up and Dance 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

D4 Get up and Dance 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amar was on treadmill, Baby comes to him. He points at a girl and asks her to let him talk to her. He asks baby to begin the work, Baby begins the countdown and Amar starts twisting himself and fells off. The girl gives him a medicine and tells him the trick. Amar introduces Baby as his cousin, the girl introduces herself as Ria. She takes a leave saying she is getting late for class. Amar pushes Baby over her, Baby asks class of what? Ria says she is a dancer and talking about her dance class. Baby says Amar also loves dancing, Ria offers him to attend hobby classes as well. They come with her to the academy. Ria shows them the academy, then some props dancing to Amar. Baby looks around in awe. She moves herself happily. Ria recognizes her as the one in the video ‘Mai Bhi Mikhail’. She

asks if she knows whose academy is this, Baby says oh no. Ria says Oh yes, this is Mikhail’s. She tells them to wait outside. Baby argues with Amar to leave right away, Amar asks her to stop and say sorry to Mikhail. Mikhail comes to confront her, doesn’t say anything and goes to the students to take permission. By the time, Amar asks her to say sorry the class had begun already. They were about to leave, Mikhail orders for a door lock and says no one can leave before the class ends. He gives them both a stare and asks who can work day and night for dance, want to make dance his career, everyone raised hands, who has left his house for dance, there were many hand raises. Baby just looked at Mikhail who also pointed his questions at her. He himself raise his hand, Baby was shocked. Mikhail asks who doesn’t respect dance? He says there is someone here who doesn’t care about dance, for whom dance is just a joke. He asks Baby if she loves dance, to come forward. She doesn’t move, instead he moves towards her, clutches her hand tight and drags her to the center. He dances with her, then holds her half up in a step and throws her down on the floor. He kneels besides her and says cheating someone isnt called dance, she can never be Mikhail. He says that no one must think that dance is just moving with music, dancing has its own language. When a dancer practices for years, his body comes in harmony with his soul. He asks Baby to do him a favor and never dance again.
Baby runs towards the beach, Amar comes behind and asks why she came away from there, the guy had been misbehaving with her. Why she didn’t show him some good dance. He comes to her and see she had been crying. Baby says she doesn’t want to meet him and doesn’t want to cry. Ria comes there, Amar complains about Mikhail. Ria says Mikhail is different, he has nothing in life but dance. She apologizes Baby on his side, she says Mikhail was pouring his anger and it is gone now. Baby apologizes that Ria had to leave her practice, but Ria says she got a friend in her as well.
At night, Mom brings Baby milk and asks if everything is fine. Mom says that Baby always enjoy being to Goa, what happened this time, did her Bua say something. Baby says she was thinking her papa didn’t talk to her, Maa says this is such a petty matter and promises he will talk to her next time.
The next morning, Baby wakes up by the call of someone. Baby goes downstairs, Kamini tells her to look who is at the door. Baby opens the door, it was Sonam in Punjabi attire and face covered in veil. Sonam introduces herself. Baby’s mom comes there, Sonam goes to touch her feet and says she is Guljeet from Delhi and is Sonam’s friend. She touches Kamini’s feet as well. During breakfast, Sonam ate with veil on her face. Kamini asks if this is necessary to cover her face even at home, Sonam says she is used to it. Kamini says she has good brought up. Maa asks where she lives, Sonam says she never goes out as she has six brothers at home who don’t allow her to go out. Kamini says they won’t have to worry about Baby if Guljeet is here. Sonam assures about taking care of her.
In the room, Sonams save herself from beating of Baby. Baby says her party plan created all the trouble. She asks Sonam to forget Mikhail, that chapter closed. Baby tells her about the whole story. Sonam was upset.

PRECAP: Sonam tells Baby if she loves him she must say this on her face. Baby was at beach, Mikhail smiles at a girl calling her to himself. Baby smiles, but another girl passes her. Mikhail hugs her intently. He smilingly stares at her dance and is in relationship with her. The girl asks Baby if she will come to work for her from tomorrow?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ria Baby became friends…Nice…..
    Why didn’t Baby say sorry to him?However,Nice epi

  2. BTW,who is that girl?Suspense precap…..

  3. Omg,the show is so awsom!!
    I love so am,puri drama queen hai!
    Baby is cute too

  4. Oh shit…it’s Saturday….have to wait one more day for next epi…….

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