D4 Get up and Dance 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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Baby gives up and is irritated, she says she doesn’t want to try again. Only she knows how she feels, she cries that he is asking her to feel music but she doesn’t even feel her feet being there. It seems they aren’t a part of her body. He must not ask her to dance, she will forget in a few days what walking is. Mikhail asks if it’s done, over with her frustration. Then try again. When he can trust, why she can’t trust her own self. Baby insists she can’t do again. He shouts he can.
Tara tells Dia Mikhail has arranged convince for Baby. Dia says its typical of Mikhail, he doesn’t leave any leaves turned when he is determined. He would do anything for Baby right now. Amar passes by, Tara shows him the trail for Baby’s wheel chair. Amar goes to a bench and cries, he says

Baby has got so emotional. Tara says everyone and especially Mikhail is taking care for her. Amar tells her how Baby’s name was kept, he was little when she was born. Her mother or Baby’s would always come whenever he tried to play with her; he always wanted Baby, so her name was kept. He can’t see her in this condition today, and cries again. Tara confess she is speechless, but whenever he needs any help she is right here. Amar says he is also here, if she ever wants to catch her crazy stalker he would be there. He leaves.
Mikhail comes out to see the work, Dia says Hi to him. Harry heads to go inside, Mikhail says he has to talk to him. Harry asks Dia to tell him those who work in the academy, also have to take classes, they can’t bunk them. Mikhail asks Dia to tell harry he isn’t bunking his classes, whatever he does is for Soul Mates and Harry must keep his negativity to himself. Dia asks them both to shut up, if they don’t stop this childishness she will leave academy, they must not drag them between their differences.
Tara shows Sonam steps for dance, she dances with Amar to show the step to Sonam. Sonam was lost watching the juice bottle and envisions herself drinking it. Amar calls her and she comes out of her day dream. Amar takes the drink.
Baby thinks about Mikhail’s words when he comes from behind. He says he has to show her something, if she is ready? Baby thanks him for asking her, he takes her out and shows her the trail. She says if she forgets her legs are not working, it will remind her of this. Mikhail goes to get a car, Baby asks where are they going, then asks him to come soon.
While dance practice, Sonam disturbs Tara. Tara suggests why she doesn’t go to shaft. Sonam says she can’t leave Baby, she sits there on the floor. Dia comes there, Sonam asks what’s up. Dia says Mikhail and Harry are fighting, and there is a cockroach in her washroom. Sonam says this means she needs help, and if she doesn’t allow her to help she would begin dancing; then everyone here would have a heart attack. They all laugh, Dia asks her to help her with a task but no mistake at all.
Sonam works with paper material and tapes.
Mikhail brings Baby to a cliff. She asks why they came here. Mikhail asks if she has ever done sky diving? Baby says Hunt diving, two years ago. Mikhail asks what she had thought two seconds before jumping, if she should run away. Baby says something like this. Mikhail says she can’t back up from here. There are only two options in life, no way to back up; either stand there with pity or jump. She had an accident, she either has an option to keep crying or have faith in herself or jump. Baby was afraid. Mikhail pushes her wheel chair from behind, she shouts at once. He asks if she is afraid. Baby says if she jumps she will be injured. Mikhail says there is another chance, she will land on her own feet; if she is ready. Baby thinks about his motivational words. She asks to hear Soul Mate’s music. Mikhail smiles, he holds her chair such that his hand held hers. They share an eye lock. Baby withdraws her hand, he takes her wheel chair away.
Sonam looks around to see the workers and Dia staring at her as she stood draped in glitter paper. Dia burst into laughter.
Mikhail brings Baby into his room and plays the music. Baby closes her eyes and thinks about dancing with Mikhail. Mikhail leaves the room. She opens her eyes, feeling fresh and motivated. Tears fell off her eyes.

PRECAP: Kavita announces that they are making Baby’s favorite dishes and asks her to invite Mikhail as well. Kavita and Kamini feed Mikhail to full.

Update Credit to: Sona

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