D4 Get up and Dance 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Tarun moves Baby’s leg. He instructs her to do the exercises daily and will get well. Baby raises her eyebrows. Tarun boasts about being a super hero. Baby says many people have tried, in Goa too but nothing happened to her. Tarun confirms if he was even a doctor? Baby thinks about Mikhail and his words about love. Tarun says her mother told him she was having physiotherapy in Goa. Tarun’s sister come there in a hurry. She recognizes Baby and asks if she is following him? Tarun warns her that Baby is a patient. His sister asks him for money as she has to buy her favorite jacket, snatches the wallet and leaves. Baby laughs at their gestures. Tarun asks Baby to meet tomorrow, and promises he is better than the Goa person.
Sonam calls Amar and complains that Baby seriously told her she

doesn’t want to meet her. Sonam was upset that may be she reminds Baby of Mikhail. Amar laughs that Mikhail is really better. He suggests Sonam not to meet her for a few days, when she will miss her she would come to her.
At home, Kavita goes to get juice and something to eat for Baby. Baby thinks about Tarun’s promise to get her well again. She takes a flash from her bag, was reluctant then plays it. It was the choreography of Soul Mates.
Mikhail takes Harry aside, he tells Harry about changing the whole choregraphy as she won’t be able to do such difficult steps. She isn’t a trained dancer. Harry says alright, they will change choreography, no problem. Mikhail was curt, and asks if he would have to lower the standard of his show. Dia asks him to calm down, they will work hard. Mikhail accuses Baby for all this, Soul Mates won’t be as he wanted it to be. He hates the day he met her. Baby cries watching the video and touches Mikhail on screen, she hates the day she met him.
Tarun warmly welcomes Baby to be his favorite patient. She was in a bad mood. He asks if she does morning practice for staying so angry. He tries to cheer her up, Baby wasn’t ready to cheer up. He helps her at the corner of the bed, takes her shoes off. He tells her about stretching her foot, it might pain but a little one. He asks if she is a dancer. She says no. Tarun asks her to relax, her mother told him. Baby says if she isn’t a dancer, he won’t treat her? Tarun tells her that dancer’s body is flexible, he can help her with different moves. Baby denies being a dancer, she can never be as well.
Tara comes out of academy, Aneri was crying on the swing. She asks why Aneri isn’t coming for dance practice. Aneri cries that she won’t, Mikhail scolds her because he finds Baby in her. Tara says Mikhail shouts at everyone, they call him Goa’s Hulk. Tara tells Aneri that Baby is a born dancer, Mikhail recognized this in the first look. Mikhail worked after Baby, he made her strong points stronger. But it wasn’t so easy, he shouted the most at Baby. Tara tells Aneri Mikhail’s standard starts where their vision ends. She must stop worrying when Mikhail stops shouting at her, and also offers her help with her rehearsals.
Harry argues with the men while they tell him and Dia its court orders to seal the rehearsal halls, Lalwani would answer them about it. Mikhail comes there, he turns around to see Nehtra smiling and questions what this all is. Nehtra says he knows her really well, this is only love. She tells him its court’s order, official and legal; she reminds him he took loan from Lalwani. Yesterday was a last date of first installment, so Lalwani sealed the rehearsal hall. Mikhail was enraged and attacks Nehtra. Nehtra warns him about going to jail tomorrow, how he would do rehearsals then. This means, no rehearsals, no show and no Soul Mates; she enjoys it to be perfect. She takes all the students out. Harry asks Mikhail where they would bring the last installment from. Mikhail was enraged at Baby, he was shattered and asks if everything would go? They had started from scrape before as well, but this time he won’t accept defeat without fighting. The three of them look at the rehearsal hall’s seal.

PRECAP: Baby assures Mikhail everything will be fine, she can live without his love. He must not stop now, and must keep dancing. Baby watches Mikhail’s dance video. Mikhail actually danced in the shaft, he was ready to compromise with Soul Mates. Baby watches the dance video, Tarun helps her stand from the wheel chair unknowingly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. it’s not baby’s fault it’s that stupid Harry ‘s fault . hope Micky will know this soon. stupid Harry

  2. I don’t know why Dia didn’t say about this to him!

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