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Mikhail works out in the academy thinking about Baby’s last words to him. Harry comes in and asks Mikhail if he isn’t going for the session. Mikhail asks Harry to take the session he is busy. Harry says he has been skipping. Mikhail says no, he has been thinking. He stops Harry at once and asks about Dia. Dia was shocked to hear about Harry’s birthday party as it was two months ago. Mikhail says everyone must come including Baby. Dia tells him not to be obsessive, she is sadder about Sapna. He is making it an issue of his ego. Mikhail says it isn’t about ego, it’s about Soul Mates. Soul Mates can’t fail, it’s about their academy. If he has to handcuff Baby he will audition her that way. Both look at him in shock, he smiles that it was just an example. He gives Dia the responsibility

to get Baby to the party.
Sonam calls Baby and tells her Dia called her and there is a party in the academy. Baby says but… Sonam says they are going to wear funky clothes and party, her papa won’t allow. Sonam says her papa is leaving, Baby says her mother would say she is partying as soon as her papa left. Baby forbids her to make any crazy plan, Sonam says now she will. Papa comes to Baby and hugs him, he says she will be coming back to Mumbai in a month, then she will have her MBA exam as well. Papa leaves. Sonam comes in Durga’s costume with her back. She asks Maa and Bua about their permission to take Amar and Baby to her relative’s wedding. Maa allows them to go but be back in time.
In the party, Mikhail calls Dia and Harry and show her a mark saying she must bring Baby here. Dia says she will be with her friends, but Mikhail says he doesn’t know how but she has to.
Sonam gives Amar the costume of a pirate and says she noticed his one eye is smaller than the other. He gets conscious about it. She shows him her and Baby’s costume. Mikhail says cake cutting at sharp 9, then their song performance at 9.15; after that they must take their positions as he might need their help.
Sonam asks about Baby, Amar says she is studying, she isn’t interested in going. Sonam says she isn’t going because she can’t face Mikhail.
In the party, Amar tells Sonam that he will steal Tara today. Sonam says she has a boyfriend. Amar says he doesn’t have. Baby was reluctant to go inside, Amar and Sonam go to check if Mikhail is there inside of not. Sonam tells Baby that they found out that Mikhail had to go out for some important work, he couldn’t come so Baby can come inside and enjoy. Dia looks around for Baby, she asks Harry if he has seen Baby as they have to make sure she comes at their exact spot. She goes to find her. The cake cutting ceremony takes place. Harry announces to continue with the party. Baby watches Harry and Dia dance together. Amar looks around the party for Tara, Sonam points towards her. Amar laughs, Sonam says he is such a coward pirate, he must go to her. Amar says he has planned something else, he comes to the spot and dances there. Tara watches him move and removes her mask. Baby was also shocked to see him and smiles. Tara joins him. She hugs him in the end. On the bar, Amar says that he doesn’t want to take someone else’s place in her life, he is her great friend who will always be with her in her tough times. Tara takes her mask off, she had been crying. Amar curses himself for making her cry, Tara hugs him and says no one talked to her so sweetly. She says Ronit is her brother, but they will discuss it sometime late.
Dia watches Baby and asks where she had been. Amar comes dancing with Dia and holds her, she struggles against him while Baby leaves from behind. The lights go off all at once, Mikhail enters the party, moves his wand. Harry asks where Baby is. The lights are switched on, Baby watches Mikhail dance. Mikhail comes to Nehtra, passes by Sonam and Tara and takes his mask off. Baby was shocked to find him here.

PRECAP: Baby asks Mikhail why he wants her to dance, why he confuses her heart and soul again and again. She isn’t his Aneri. Abhishek Lalwani asks Mikhail to fulfil a small condition, after which he will sign; he wants to see a small performance by hero and herioine.

Update Credit to: Sona

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