D4 Get up and Dance 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Baby runs towards the balcony crying and says I am sorry Papa, I would never dance. The beach was visible from the balcony, shooting was going on and Mikhail appeared from the middle of waters to come and shoot a dance performance at the beach. Baby smiles watching him. She wipes her tears and hurries downstairs saying she has to go out. She watches Kamini downstairs, and carefully goes out. She comes towards the beach, letting loser her hair. She runs towards Mikhail. He was busy with his directors, Baby walks towards him slowly. He walked ahead with others, she just keeps on following him. He gets in the car and leaves.
Baby tells Sonam on call that he dance so well. Sonam asks if he is hot? Baby says off course, but she watched his dance more. Baby tells Sonam that she will never

dance again, there was already enough mess.
A lady did classical dance in a hall. Mikhail stands at the door watching her move. She turns around to look at him but continues her dance. He goes inside asking her not to make any joke of dance, she already knows. Ria says she specially added these last steps, she tells him to chill and hugs him. Ria’s boyfriend comes and asks Mikhail to remove his hand from her shoulder. Ria says to Maddy that he isnt that bad, he must find someone worth him, someone sizzling hot and sweet, smart and amazing. Mikhail search for the video that had been removed. Ria asks if he is looking for that Mai Bhi Mikhail? She is gone, the video has been removed. Mikhail asks them to do some work. Ria goes to take a bath. Mikhail watches the pamphlets and asks if he didn’t write on them that the winner will get a chance to work in his next album. Maddy says already he is publicizing about it on social media. Mikhail asks what their destiny is tonight. He says it is The Shack.
They all sit together outdoor. Kamini sends Baby inside to look for Amar. She comes to a wine café. There was an announcement by Ria about the dance academy. Baby goes interested looking for Mikhail. Mikhail comes on stage. The crowd cheers. Mikhail says competition winner will get a chance to work with him in his show. He leaves the stage. Amar comes to baby and whispers in her ear to go and meet Mikhail. Mikhail watches Maddy entertain the crowd on stage. Ria comes on stage again and calls Mikhail on stage for dance. Baby was also in the crown and cheers for him. Mikhail jumps down the stage towards the crowd, he points his finger and choose Baby. Baby’s breath stops for a while, Amar asks her to go as it this is the time. He pushes her forward, Mikhail had forward his hand that Baby takes. Mikhail asks Baby if she knows how to dance, he can do the dance and get dance done as well, she must just follow his lead. She nods. The dance begin.
Kamini asks where Baby has been, she went to call Amar. She goes to check for them.
There, Mikhail and Baby danced on stage. Amar watches Kamini coming towards them, he tries to signal Baby but she was much into her dance and didn’t watch him. All of a sudden Baby’s eyes go to Kamini, she leaves the stage in the middle of the dance leaving Mikhail enraged. Amar tells Kamini that Baby must be washroom.
On the balcony, Baby tells Amari that he will hate her for sure. Amar asks who? Baby says he will think she pushed him, why she did this. Amar says if she had been found dancing in the arms of Mikhail, his mother would have brought her beating with sticks. Baby says Mikhail is her ideal. Amar asks why she doesn’t tell him. Baby says she can’t. Amar tells her to say sorry to him, he will get him. Baby asks if there is something else. Amar says there is a gym friend of his, he wants to talk to her but he doesn’t have a courage. Baby asks if he wants her to talk to him. Amar says he will in return make her meet Mikhail. Baby says she doesn’t have to dance, he must never tell her to dance from now on. Amar begins telling her his own plan.
The next morning, Mikhail works out thinking about Baby.

PRECAP: Baby comes to academy, Ria asks if she is the same ‘Mai b Mikhail’ girl? Baby was shocked at recognition. Ria asks if she knows whose academy is this? Mikhail comes to confrontation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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