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Harry was taking a class when Nehtra comes there. Harry tells her it’s his class. Nehtra says these men have come for evaluation, she dismiss the class. Harry asks what is this. Nehtra asks if he doesn’t understand, when they will have to auction this academy they must know its value. Harry says he thought she loves Mikhail and now she is doing this all. Nehtra says Mikhail will now understand what he lost by leaving her. He has to understand it soon, he will drown taking them all. She takes the men to show them garden side area.
Baby stood in a corner on shaft in her wheelchair thinking about Mikhail’s words. Sonam, Amar and Tara prepare cake recipe, Sonam reads about putting in Soy sauce. Tara doubts it and asks for recipe book. Sonam leaves the recipe to them, and goes to baby.

Amar and Tara both shout at Sonam that she mixed all the ingredients of Spicy noodles with Chocolate cake. Sonam says wind might have turned the page. Baby tells her that sponge cake doesn’t get sauce. Sonam asks her to join them, else they won’t be able to make the cake. Baby agrees.
Harry comes to Mikhail and asks if he met Nehtra. She came for evaluation and talking about auction of academy. Mikhail asks harry to let her do what she is. Harry says they will lose this academy, he has to come out of Soul Mates craziness. They still have two months, they can do an old show. Mikhail asks Harry to shut up, Harry says he won’t. He will not see this drama standing on the side. Mikhail asks him to do what he has been given. Harry says he has to save this academy, he will not let lose this academy. Mikhail kicks a couch and shouts that this is his academy; he will see how Harry stops it. Harry says he wanted to save Mikhail, but he deserves this all; he will never stop him again. Mikhail asks Harry to leave now. Harry wish he had left a long time ago, at least their friendship would have saved. Mikhail watches Harry leave. Harry plays boxing outside, curt over Mikhail’s words. Dia comes out and stops him asking what happened, Harry says it’s nothing. She asks if he again had an argument with Mikhail. Harry says she only asks him to give Mikhail time, if Mikhail only has a right to show his frustration, if he always have to be punching bag of Mikhail. Dia asks what they would do now, Harry says he is just an employee of the academy. Mikhail has the right to take decisions. He tells Dia he only has two friends, Mikhail snatched one of them; he will never forgive him.
Mikhail comes to Amar and asks about Baby. Amar says her mood got well, he won’t tell him where she is. Sonam and Tara cheer for the cake. Mikhail comes to Baby, he says what if he promises he will not be strict and just want to help her then. Baby says his family and friends are there. Mikhail says he doesn’t care about Baby, he cares about the dancer who is dying in her. The day she dies, she would never return. He will never let this happen, he will keep coming to save the girl who still wants to dance. He will make her stand on her feet one day, no matter what he has to do for that. Baby says she doesn’t want to dance, nor she wants to fight her. If he needs someone to shout at and insult, he must find someone else. She is going back to her life, away from dance, them and everything else. Mikhail says he already knew she is weak and afraid, but she kept her promises. She had given him one month, but she didn’t keep it. Baby says it was for Soul Mates and dance, but she can’t dance anymore. Mikhail says that’s his problem not hers. She lied to her parents, and dance need the truthfulness that she doesn’t have. He leaves. Baby was curt and asks Sonam when she lied. Sonam counts their lies, and advocates that this time Mikhail isn’t wrong. Baby says he called her fearful and a liar, he shouldn’t have said so. Sonam says Mikhail has something in mind and says the other. He only wants her not to give up without trying, doctors also gave hope. Baby says she knows for the fact she won’t be able to walk, but when she promised one month to Mikhail she will go there, after that she won’t his face even. Sonam sends Amar to get taxi and murmurs all love stories begin with love.
Baby comes in Mikhail’s room and says she is here. She says she is here until one month, now what she has to do. Mikhail thanks Sonam and assures he will take care now. He takes her wheelchair in front of mirror. Baby says she knows all the forms. Mikhail says she is in a good mood, they will have fun. Mikhail reminds her this is his academy, only he is allowed to shout here so she must keep her attitude to herself. He plays the music and asks her to focus on music and feel the beat. He asks her to shut her eyes, she was irritated but does. He asks her to breathe in slowly, feel her heartbeat connect to the beat of music. He moves his hand down his shoulder to hands, then to knees and feet and moves her foot. She feels the ache. He asks her to focus and takes her shoes off. She tries, he asks her to feel the music and Aneri, watches her struggle with hope. Baby finally shouts she can’t.

PRECAP: Mikhail says she has a single option, either she keeps on crying or jump from this cliff. Baby says if she does she will be injured. Mikhail says there is another option, she might land on her feet.

Update Credit to: Sona

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