D4 Get up and Dance 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mikhail bucks them all up, he, Harry and Dia promise them all that this would be their best show. Harry hoots and cheer for Soul Mates. Mikhail asks Aneri to do the rehearsal of Aneri and Rohan tomorrow morning. Harry cheers about his plan. Nehtra comes clapping to Mikhail and asks for celebration as he found a new Aneri, but the one who should actually have done Aneri… anyway leave it. She suggests him about naming the show as Search for Aneri. Mikhail calls her efforts hiding her jealousy with smile as a good one, she has now realized this search would never end at him. Mikhail asks if she has an idea how much he loves dance, if she warns him snatching it even then he won’t do his last dance with her.
Kavita goes to bring the car leaving Baby’s wheel chair, a young man comes stopping

her and was astonished to see her. He exclaims she is so beautiful, Baby asks what? The guy says they brought his shopping bag by mistake, Baby argues she doesn’t have a wrong bag. The guy asks to check again, Baby who was annoyed asks what he bought. The guy says its girl’s stuff, Baby demands how he even bought something he can’t name. The guy was reluctant, then explains it was an inner wear. His sister comes there, and says she has her bags. The guy takes her away, but turns to watch Baby laughing hard at him.
Dia shares with Harry she isn’t having a good feeling about Mikhail’s decision. She is worried for Mikhail, he isn’t ready to accept Baby has left. He has taken this decision out of anger. Harry tells Dia that his anger would calm down in a while. Dia asks if Harry can’t see what is between them. Its because of their selfish reason they put them apart. Harry cheers Dia and asks her to let destiny do something and move on.
Baby comes home, Sonam was still waiting. Kavita goes inside to keep the shopping bags. Baby tells Sonam life isn’t the same now, she has no legs and can’t go shopping anymore. Her mother has to suffer so much pain while taking her there. When she was in Goa she thought it’s a matter of a few days, but now she is back in her normal life. Sonam was angry, she tells Baby that she is leaving today, but Baby won’t enjoy anything without her, ice creams, movies, shopping or anything; and now she would also show her attitude if she calls her. Sonam leaves. Kavita questions Baby what she hurt Sonam, Baby says she doesn’t want Sonam’s life to be abnormal because of her.
Mikhail was thinking about Baby. Aneri comes to him, he begins the training sessions with her, and she gives up in a while and assures she has been trying really hard. Mikhail understands, but was upset.
The physiotherapist informs Baby his best intern would train her, and sends her to Dr. Tarun with a nurse. Tarun tells the nurse Neha to leave. He turns around to be the same guy outside the shopping mall. Baby was angry watching him, Tarun says wow, and she is his new patient. He introduces himself to be Tarun Malhotra, her new physiotherapy. He shares with Baby that he truly believes in destiny, their meeting yesterday was also destiny. Baby dryly says then accident was the destiny, else she wouldn’t have to meet him.
Tara takes a break from dance session class. Amar brings her a juice, she was refreshed.
Tarun asks Baby to turn her face right, left and then straight, then smile. Baby angrily tells him she has a leg injury. Tarun and Baby have an argument about smile. Tarun boasts he is gold medalist from his medical college, she must listen to him. Baby questions when he is going to try treating his craziness. He tells her about his search for a cute girl, and would be better if she has a broken leg. Baby smiles. Tarun gets back with his session.
Aneri shares her excitement about dancing with Mikhail. Mikhail seriously tells Aneri her non seriousness will spoil his show, she must forget being his friend and only think about Rohan and Aneri. He asks if she can do it? She nods. Mikhail begins the practice again. He stops her for a while and asks to look at him, then shows her a few steps. Aneri swirls but loses hold of herself, Mikhail was enraged. Aneri says she can’t do this, she isn’t the Aneri he has written. She isn’t the Aneri that he imagined, whom he envisioned in Baby. She insists only Baby is Rohan’s Aneri, not her. Mikhail restlessly leaves the room

PRECAP: Mikhail tells Harry Aneri is graceful but not a dancer. He was angry that only because of Baby, Soul Mates won’t be the way he thought it to be. He hates the day he met Baby. Baby also regrets meeting Mikhail.

Update Credit to: Sona

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