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Baby thinks about Sapna’s words. Dia asks the girl to get on floor, she asks them all to perform together and on the basis of this performance there will be an elimination. Vicky watches them from outside, Mikhail watches Baby standing nearby and takes a seat. Dia says they all did an amazing job, right now they must wait. Inside, Dia says one of the options of Aneri is clear. Mikhail had given zero to Sapna, Dia asks the reason. Mikhail says Sapna wasn’t good, she was cold and didn’t have the fire for Aneri. Baby comes inside and tells Dia that the girl who fell has been taken to hospital. Mikhail asks her to send Sapna inside. He shows Sapna a photo on his mobile, she recognizes both dancers. Mikhail says what’s common in between them both is that they love dance. He asks Sapna if

she loves dance. Sapna says offcourse, she has been dancing since she was six years old, knows nine dance forms and always loved dance. Mikhail says she is lying, she doesn’t need to fear anyone here; there is no punishment for not loving dance. He asks what she wanted to do. Sapna looks at Baby who nods at Sapna to tell her, Mikhail asks Sapna to speak. Sapna says she doesn’t like dance, she dances well but not to shine in crowd. She wanted to be doctor. Mikhail says one must only do in life without which life is difficult, she herself is Sapna then why is she living someone else’s dream. He thanks her and allows her to leave. Baby follows Sapna outside. Nehtra watches this from outside, and asks Vicky to keep an eye on Baby. Vicky says she won’t talk to her now, after yesterday’s incident. Nehtra asks her to be Baby’s friend, and take her information about the girls, who is favorite of whom.
Mikhail asks Dia to announce the result. Dia says he did this, he will announce the result. Mikhail takes the file and says Sapna has been eliminated. Sapna isn’t going because her dance isn’t good, she is leaving because she can be better in something else. He tells her to do what she wants to do at heart, all the best. Sapna cries, Mikhail leaves. Sapna takes her bag and leaves the academy, taking the breathes of freedom. Baby comes behind her. Dia forbids Mikhail to speak to any other contestant after today. Baby asks Sapna if she will leave the dance. Sapna says she is really afraid of her mother. Baby suggests about telling her mother the truth. Sapna asks if Baby had told her. Baby thinks about herself, then says may be. Sapna says her mother wants her to earn the money and fame she couldn’t earn after marriage; she would be heartbroken and it will be better that her own heart breaks instead of her mothers. Baby asks Sapna what she would tell her mother today. Sapna says she will tell her that the other dancers were better than her, they will head towards a new project then. Sometimes one has to forget one’s own dreams for parents. She thanks Baby and leaves.
A masked man follows Tara, she suspects someone’s presence but couldn’t spot who it was. She hurries towards her destination. It was Sonam behind her. Sonam calls Amar that Tara took five rounds of building then she got inside. There was a boyfriend of Tara who was jealous type, his name is Hemant; she is hiding from him. He also called her but she didn’t pick up the call.
Baby thinks about Mikhail, since when he hated her. She sits to type her resignation, knocks at the door and says to Mikhail she wants to say something to him. She says Soul mates is a good show, she is excited to see it. She never thought a show has so much hard work behind it, the students and academy are awesome. Mikhail says he knows about it. Baby says today is her last day in academy, she won’t come from tomorrow. She had to say thanks to him, she is lucky to have got a chance to meet him. He has inspired her a lot. He didn’t listen to her and only looks out. Baby leaves the room, Mikhail looks towards her and throws the jug on the table. He thinks she will return for sure, because he knows she is Aneri.

PRECAP: Mikhail dances in the shaft. Baby asks why he wants her to dance, why he puts her in situations where her heart and mind are always confused. She isn’t his Aneri.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. baby can’t leave Mikhail like this… she should talk to her parents once n try to make them understand that how much she likes to dance n that she can prove herself better in this field than doing MBA…..

  2. It’s true baby should talk with her parents about it. ….

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