D4 Get up and Dance 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Baby was shocked to hear that her papa is also on FB. He tells Baby that he has to share some photos with his colleagues. Baby texts Amar that her papa is there on fb, he must remove the video soon. He was worried, Amar’s mother watches the video from behind. Baby’s papa tells Baby that her Kamini’s bua is calling. He says to Kamini that he is right now talking to his daughter, Kamini tells him not to tell it to his daughter but she is texting him a link that he must watch. He opens the link and the video plays on his phone while Baby was still online with him. Baby asks what happened, if there is some problem. Tears had filled her eyes. Her papa says there is no problem, if she has something in her heart to share with him. Baby’s tears fell off her eyes, she says no. Papa says alright,

he will speak to her later. He calls Kamini, Kamini says she can understand what he must be going through. Baby took his leniency wrongly. Baby’s papa says he had high hopes with Baby and thought she would do MBA. Kamini says she will handle everything if Baby comes to her. Baby calls Amar, Amar tells her that he has got a solution and the video has been deleted. Baby tells him about Papa’s call and then his stress. Amar goes downstairs, Kamini was cutting vegetables. Amar comes upstairs and tells Baby to chill, his mom hasn’t seen anything. He tells Baby to get online and check if the video has been removed. He says I love you, she must take care of herself. Baby checks that the video had been deleted, she says thanks to him. He says anytime. Baby gets offline, her papa’s words echo in her mind. She calls her papa but it was busy on another call. She redials but couldn’t connect.
Downstairs, Baby hears her mom worried while talking on phone. She was saying that she didn’t know about it, how he came to know about it. Baby asks if this is her papa, mom scolds her that they are talking about something important. After the phone call is disconnected, Baby says she had to talk to Papa. Her mom says he doesn’t want to talk to her, she must know the reason. Baby was worried, and asks if Papa said something. Her mom says her papa said they are going to Goa, she laughs aloud and tells Baby to relax and not to worry. She tells Baby that her papa was in a meeting, he called to inform that he is leaving for Ahmedabad and Kamini has invited them to come to Goa.
Sonam was excited that Baby was going to Goa. Baby says she is worried and thinks her papa is angry at her for some reason. Sonam says if her papa gets her a Goa ticket after being angry, she will make him angry any time. Nikhil comes there, and flirts with Baby. Sonam tells him that Baby is going to Goa where her lover boy is, Nikhil must fine someone else.
In the Goa, Amar and Kamina welcome them. Kamini complains that Baby didn’t do any namastay or hi. Amar takes Baby along, Kamini tells her mom that Amar wants to show her his new scooty. Outside, Baby watches Mikhail nearby and girls taking selfies with him. He gets into his jeep and leaves. Baby tells Amar to follow him, Amar asks if he is the same star choreographer. The follow his jeep, Baby keeps on calling his name from behind but he doesn’t stop. Amar says she made so much fun of him in the video, now she is stalking him. Baby tells him to hurry up. Amar asks if she loves his dance of loves him? Mikhail’s friend tells him that it is some crazy fan of his. Mikhail says he doesn’t stop for everyone. His friend tells him that he is a celebrity and can take a photo with her. He takes a cut and Baby and Amar fell off the scooty. Amar curses the celebrities. Baby watches three calls of papa on phone. He doesn’t pick up, they heads towards home.
Baby and Amar come home, Kamini asks where they were and what happened to their dress. Amar takes Baby upstairs. He says this is his room but she can stay here. Baby asks where he would stay? Amar says he will stay in hall. Baby says sorry, but Amar says she is his sister. He tells Baby all about the room. Baby was still stuck in her cell phone. Amar leaves. Kamini comes to Baby’s room and shuts the door, she says she has to speak to her about something that couldn’t be done in front of her mother. She tells Baby that she knows all about her parties, drinking and dance. If she wanted to show she doesn’t care for her Papa’s feelings. He wanted her wellbeing only. She jerks her away saying Baby has disappointed them all a lot. Baby says she won’t do this, she asks if her Papa knows about it? Kamini says not until now. Baby asks her not to tell her papa, he will really dislike. Kamini asks Baby why she didn’t think it before doing this all. She asks Baby for a single reason not to tell her papa. Kamini asks Baby to tell her that she will leave party, drinking and dance. Baby says she will leave parties and drinking. Kamini asks about dance? Baby cries and hardly could say that she won’t dance again. Kamini leaves, Baby cries.

PRECAP: A girl asks Mikhail whom he is looking for? If that ‘Me too Mikhail’ giri? Baby watches him dance with his gang on a beach.

Update Credit to: Sona

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