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Baby comes back to Delhi, Kavita was happy to be back to her home. Sonam comes in with the bags and luggage. She takes a leave from Baby to show her face to her mom, she has forbidden her to enter from front door so she will try entering the back door. If she fails, she will come back. Kavita tells Baby they have talked to a good physiotherapist. Baby cries and asks about Papa, she has to apologize him for whatever she did till today. Kavita hugs and kisses her forehead, she assures Baby didn’t do anything wrong. She has to be strong.
Dia and Harry train Aneri. Aneri says Baby told her to take each movement to be soft, Aneri is sad and emotional so her body language must be soft. Harry boasts, this is why Mikhail hoped so high with Baby. Dia becomes upset.
Baby watches Mikhail’s

photos in her phone. Mikhail enters her room shouting her name. She was shocked to see him standing angry in front of her. He shouts if she came to Delhi without informing him, if there is any importance of his in her life. Baby says only he is important in her life, no one else is. He comes to question why she left him then. She says it’s for him. Mikhail says if she had to do something for him, she must have stayed. Mikhail and Baby in Goa, together in Soul Mates; doesn’t she want this. Baby says she never wanted more than this in life, she could do anything to spend a single moment with him but may be it wasn’t in fate. Mikhail boasts he writes his own fate, he holds her hand to come with him. Baby cries and withdraws her hand saying she can’t do this, if she had feet she would never walk away from him. This is truth, he wasn’t ready to accept it so she came here. Mikhail turns her face to his, he can’t live without her, and he needs her and wants her near to him. Sonam breaks Baby’s day dream about Mikhail.
Mikhail was angry in the room. Dia comes to ask why he is so angry. Mikhail questions her why she and Harry started rehearsals with Aneri, he won’t compromise because for him compromise and loss is the same thing. Dia asks Mike not to torture him, she realizes Aneri isn’t Baby but she isn’t a bad dancer. Mikhail says if they only want a dancer, why not Dia then. Dia says he was looking for innocence and charm for Aneri and their Aneri has all these traits.
Baby asks Sonam when she came, Sonam says two minutes ago. When did Baby come, as she was in Goa? She tells Baby her parents scolded her to send her somewhere or scold her, she jumped off the window to come here. She has decided not to leave Baby, and asks for a movie. Baby was lost again, and heads towards lunch. Sonam heads to leave, Kavita stops her and asks what happened in Goa that Baby stopped going to academy at once. Sonam says nothing, Baby was bored of beach and sea only. Kavita questions if Baby and Mikhail had a fight. Sonam says Baby decided to come to Delhi. Kavita wonders why she is sad and lost then? Sonam assures she will get well in a few days. Kavita suggests about doing something to cheer Baby up. Sonam takes a leave to think about an idea.
Amar comes to Mikhail. Mikhail asks how dare he came in here, he doesn’t want to see his and his sister’s face. Mikhail says Baby sent him… Mikhail forbids him take her name and pushes him away from the academy. Amar tells Baby about it, Baby asks Amar to give that box to Mikhail anyway, he is angry now and not take him seriously. He must go and give the box to him, this is really important. Mikhail is angry with her but won’t easily make someone else as Aneri, she must convince him she isn’t worth being Aneri. Amar warns Baby that after this Mikhail will be out of her life forever, promise? Baby promises. She says from now on, Mikhail will hate her so much that he would make someone else as Aneri. Amar comes inside and shouts at Mikhail, Baby gave him this packet for him. He must do whatever he wants to, throws the bag and warns him to say anything about his sister again. Mikhail opens the box, it contained shows for Aneri with label on them. It was his gift when he went to dinner at her home. He comes out to hall, and calls for Soul mate’s cast. Harry tries to take him aside, but Mikhail continues that since last one month they had a lot of questions. None of the question was wrong, his answers were. Soul Mates will take place, this academy will never get sold and Baby won’t play Aneri’s character. That role will now be performed by his friend Aneri. Nehtra also heard this all. Mikhail says its Baby’s personal matter either to dance or not, they aren’t related with it.

PRECAP: Mikhail and Aneri practice together. Mikhail wasn’t satisfied. He questions who will be Aneri if not her? Aneri says she can never be the Aneri he saw in Baby. Baby meets a new guy who appreciates her to be beautiful.

Update Credit to: Sona

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