D4 Get up and Dance 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Baby and Sonam come home laughing and drunk. Baby says Sonam is a liar and said Mikhail will come there. Sonam says she wouldn’t have come to party then. They laugh. Mom asks Baby where they both were, Sonam was worried but Baby was about to laugh. Baby’s mother scolds Sonam that her parents didn’t know they were in London, Sonam tells Baby’s mother that she wanted to take Baby to a party with her, and she must not scold Baby. Baby’s mom says that Sonam should only worry about what she has to say to her parents, she must go to sleep as she needs to talk to Baby. Her mother asks Baby when she started this all, staying all night for party and comes home drunk. Baby says she didn’t drink, someone had mixed it by prank. Her mother asks why Baby didn’t tell her about it. Her mother

asks if she should tell her papa, he won’t allow her go out of the house again. She holds her head and says they can’t keep an eye on her twenty four hours, just expect that she doesn’t do anything wrong and remembers what they have taught her. Baby assures her that she hasn’t done anything wrong. Her mother says she hopes Baby never breaks her trust. Baby comes to kneel in front of her and says she knows her parent’s expectations, she will never break the trust of them both. She requests her not to tell Papa about it.
Baby lay on bed thinking that her Papa must not know about it. The boy uploaded the video on social media. Baby gets up and watches her video viral on social media. Sonam wasn’t there, she comes downstairs looking for Sonam but her mother says she doesn’t know about Sonam. Baby takes a shower, her post had been flooded with comments. There, in the college everyone watched their video and commented on her.
Baby comes to college and finds Sonam and shows her the video. Sonam cheers that she looks awesome in this video. Baby says she has got 500+ messages on her phone. Baby says her papa will watch it. She says they must stop this video from going viral. Sonam asks what they can do, but Baby says they must do something. They do a walk with banners for Baby’s reputation. She says she is Niharika Sinha, 3rd year student and Final year topper, she says yesterday was an exciting day, they were celebrating but she made a big mistake. She got drunk for the first time, it was irresponsible, she danced and someone made the video viral. She cries and asks his college mates that if her parents watch that video they will be angry, she needs their help and want them to text their friends to delete the video. They all do it. The campaign reaches college wide. Sonam comes to Baby and says everyone is cooperating with them, everything will be fine. Baby gets a notification, the video had reached Facebook. She panics that now it will get viral, her Papa would know about it. Sonam tells her that they will find some way.
Mikhail danced with a girl behind curtains. Some guys laughed watching a video, he comes to ask about it but they get serious at once saying it is nothing. Mikhail comes to play the video of Baby, he watches her calling I ll be Mikhail.
Baby was crying, Sonam assures her that they will find a way. Nikhil, Sonam’s cousin comes and calls her dancing queen. Sonam tells him to shut up, but Nikhil says he made the video viral, it was a favor for them. He says he had just put it on chat group. Sonam beats him and asks him to stop the video at once. He says he has no idea about it. Baby says she knows someone who can remove it.
A mother scolds a glasses wearing guy about playing video games all the time. She says that she always feel ashamed in weddings and parties whenever people ask about his result. He says some people are borne talented. His mother asks what talent he has. He lists, that he can sleep in the class with open eyes, and can play video games without going to washroom for twentyfour hours. Her mother scolds Amar. Amar scolds Baby for taking first position again, he asks Baby is she coming to Goa in vacations. Baby had been crying. Amar asks why is she crying, he gets failed every year. Baby asks if Bua is there, Amar says she has gone out. Baby tells him about the video, infact shows it to him. Amar says she is a fabulous dancer, she got 18 lac likes, why she needs to delete it. Baby says what if her papa sees this. He says alright, he will do it but it might take 2 to 3 hours. Her papa gets online then, he says he has been trying her number since morning. Baby says everyone is congratulating her. Her papa says he has applied for her MBA. He asks about Sonam. Baby says she is fine. He asks if her friends liked the bracelet, Baby smiles and says yes they did. Her papa asks if one has to share something on FB with someone how to do it. Baby was shocked hearing her papa was on FB.

PRECAP: Baby calls Mikhail from behind his car, he doesn’t respond. Baby’s mother tells her that she knows what she has been upto. Baby asks her not to tell her Papa, she won’t drink and party again. Her mother asks about dance? Baby’s tear fell off her eyes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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