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In the academy, a boy comes asking about Nehtra with the bill of cake. Nehtra asks her new assistant to make the payment and let him go. Baby comes to Nehtra, she asks to collect some files. Nehtra asks Baby what happened today, why Mikhail cancelled the auditions. Nehtra says Mikhail must be angry, he will chuck them out if they do this again. She tells Baby all the best, when Baby leaves Nehtra says good job to Vicky. She asks if she tore the biils. Vicky looks for the bill where Baby had taken the files from. Nehtra sends her to find them.
Baby spots Sapna’s mother, she asks if she came to meet Sapna. Baby says that it is Mikhail’s orders that parents aren’t allowed in today’s training sessions so she must come tomorrow. Sapna’s mother asks her to tell Sapna not to lose her

yoga classes.
Sonam was with Amar who sat upset. She asks him to smile wide, Amar smiles and says from today all her drinks on shaft will be free. He asks Sonam if he must ask her something, he says it seems Tara is in a problem. Sonam says she didn’t think so. Amar says she must get to know about it as she is her roommate. Sonam calls herself a detective and says she will disclose the mystery now.
Baby comes to the washroom and finds Sapna crying, she asks Sapna if she is crying because Dia scolded her? Sapna says she is crying because of her mom. Baby tells her about her lie. Sapna says that if her mom comes to know she ate the cake and missed her session she will scold her badly. Sapna says that anything that prevented her from being the best dancer is harmful for her, her mom thinks it to be a criminal offence. Sapna says her mother wanted to be a dancer, she couldn’t continue with her dance after wedding so she forced her to become a dancer. Baby says that Sapna is already doing great, her mother loves dance as much as she does. Sapna corrects Baby that she hates dance, she wanted to be a doctor. Her father had died of cancer and she was determined to become a doctor, her mom didn’t have enough money. There is most money in entertainment industry so she got her admitted in a dance academy, her mother blackmailed her that she will give her life if she doesn’t dance. She confesses that she is a good dancer, but she hates the work. Sapna thanks Baby for listening to her, and handling her mother and leaves.
Baby thinks about her papa.
Mikhail lay on the floor, wondering where Aneri is. He wants to see her, touch her, when he will find her. He calls Aneri, and spots Baby going outside with her files. Her papers fell off her hands which she turns to pick up. He stands up to watch Baby gather all the papers in strong winds. She succeds finally and heads on. Mikhail watches her being swirled by her friends.
Tara asks Sonam what she is watching. Sonam says the detective show, Tara says she loves it. Tara’s cellphone rings, she cuts the call and offers Sonam a drink. Sonam notices her and asks finally why she puts her phone on silent whenever there is a call. Sonam asks how she will call Tara if she ever gets murdered. Tara asks if after murder or before. Sonam asks why she silent a call? Tara says when the call is from some nobody, she silent it. Sonam asks generally if Tara is fine. Tara says everything is alright, and asks about evening plan confirming if they are going to shaft? Sonam says sure. Tara goes to get her clothes ready.
Baby tells her papa on call that she is coming back home, and will study. Baby finds Vicky on her desk for something. Baby asks what she wants, she says she lost a file and was looking for it, she hurries to leave. Baby picks the files and finds the bill there on the desk. Dia’s words echo in her mind. Dia asks Baby if she is sure she got this bill from Vicky’s files. Baby says she isn’t sure, besides what was Vicky searching for on her desk and why she got nervous watching her there. Dia says she couldn’t think Nehtra could fell off to such a level. Dia goes to talk to Nehtra and asks what this is. Nehtra tries to be unknown, she takes the bill from Dia’s hand and asks if she thinks Nehtra did this. Dia says Mikhail isn’t making her Aneri, but if she will fell down to such a level to damage Mikhail’s production. Nehtra says she loves Mikhail. Dia asks her to think about an answer to be given to Mikhail, as she is going to tell him. Nehtra asks what she will tell Mikhail that she found a bill in Vicky’s files. Dia gives instructions to Baby, does it mean Dia did this to her bestfriend. She says Baby must have done this, she first made the video and now this cake. Dia warns Nehtra that the day Mikhail knows about her reality, that she she will be out of his life and this academy. Nehtra says that day won’t come because Mikhail can’t live without her.
Dia calls Baby and tells her that Nehtra didn’t order the cake. Baby asks if she is sure, then who did. Dia says Nehtra has promised to find out, but Baby must not tell Mikhail about it. Baby asks her not to worry.
The next morning, Baby comes to academy. Sapna was practicing there. Baby was busy with her work. Dia calls Baby, Baby informs Sapna about the rehearsal. Sapna asks Baby if she is a dancer too, Baby asks why is she asking this? Sapna says she is light, her weight relies more on toes and less on heels; this shows a dancer. Baby laughs and says no she isn’t a dancer, she wish she was one but can never be. Sapna asks if she ever think they are encaged and their real life is outside, that she can’t live because the cage can’t be unlocked. Baby notices Sapna to be upset. Dia calls Baby again, Sapna asks her to go. Sapna’s words echo in Baby’s mind.

PRECAP: Sapna tells Baby that to fulfil parent’s dream one has to forget their own dreams. Mikhail dances in the shaft. Baby asks Mikhail why he wants her to dance again and again, why he confused her heart and mind; she isn’t his Aneri.

Update Credit to: Sona

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