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Mikhail takes the wheel chair from Kavita, Kavita keeps her medicine bag and leaves. Nehtra watches this. Baby says everyone will pity her. Mikhail asks will they pity or encourage her. Baby comes inside to find Dia and Harry taking practicing sessions. Dia cheers watching her, she tells Baby they missed her so much. She asks Baby a favor, Baby simply stare at them. Dia asks if she would help, Baby takes her wheel chair inside. Dia asks Mikhail if she said something wrong, Mikhail says he needs sometime. Harry tells Dia they don’t have time.
Amar asks Sonam to go back home, he works at shaft. Sonam says she works here too. Both turn to see Tara having mango juice. They drink from their owns, then share.
Baby comes outside, Mikhail comes behind her. Her eyes were red in tears. He

asks if she remembers Aneri. She turns her face away saying no. Mikhail says Aneri is. Mikhail says Aneri is the stream that can’t be stopped by mountains, flame that can’t be put off by storms. The courage inside her would never let her lose. Aneri is within her, she must recall the first day she became Aneri, recall the happiness and excitement. He is sure she can become Aneri again, tears trip down her face now. He asks her to trust herself as well.
Dia was still in sessions, Nehtra comes there to stop. She asks if she is teaching her students elementary dance, this academy is soon going to get shut. Dia says she can’t interfere in her class, Nehtra says this third class teaching won’t work in her future academy now. She shows them a few steps and tells the students, Mikhail will ruin them all in obsession of Baby and Soul Mates. Harry comes to stop her, Nehtra says even him, he pretends to be a good friend but he is no body’s friend but just a selfish person. Harry drags Nehtra and throws her out.
Baby comes in Mikhail’s room with him, thinking about Aneri and her trainings. She asks why he brought her here. He shows her a few steps from Aneri’s choreography, he tells her when someone dances without music, and people call that person crazy. Dance has happiness, sadness, laughter and tears in itself. Baby asks why he is telling this all to her, he says dance can either break the heart or heal the broken heart as well. He plays the music, and continues with Aneri’s choreography steps. Baby shuts her eyes. Mikhail tells her she can’t go away from truth by just shutting her eyes, she must open them and change the reality. Baby says nothing can change now, he must not waste his time over her. Why he doesn’t understand she can never dance. Mikhail asks why she doesn’t understand dance doesn’t need feet, it just need determination to never lose. He will not lose and nor would he let her lose. She will be his Aneri, be it the last task of his life. Baby rides her wheel chair out of the room.
Dia tutors a few students outside. Mikhail calls her, he asks her to talk to her and put something in that idiot’s mind. Dia asks whom are they talking about. Mikhail asks who else than Baby, she must tell her that Aneri doesn’t has defeat in her personality. Dia asks if it’s about Aneri or Baby, Mikhail says it’s the same thing. He can see Aneri in Baby. Dia tells him Aneri is an imaginary character, he wrote it the way he liked. Mikhail tells Dia if characters can’t be real. Dia wish it was possible, when something bad happens to normal people they are really afraid. He himself said Baby needs sometime. Mikhail tells Dia that she must inform Baby how special Aneri is to him, she is so lucky that he is giving her another chance to be Aneri. Dia says for the first time she thinks he is so selfish that he was never. Mikhail asks if she would be able to walk and dance, whom it would be better for, so stop being emotional.
Amar looks behind to see Sonam getting bored, she says she has to share something with him. He gets her a drink and comes to stick. She tells him she and Baby were going for trecking in December, they had bought new shows as well. She asks what if Baby doesn’t recover. Amar assures Mikhail will make her better. Sonam says Mikhail isnt a doctor. Sonam says God must also have done something, Amar says God has already done it by saving her life. They think about making her happy now, Amar suggests about making a cake.
Mikhail drops Baby to Amar and Sonam and gives them next morning 9 am time. Baby says she won’t come. Amar asks why she is being stubborn. Baby argues she didn’t ask him to insist. It’s her life, her feet so no one must bother. Sonam seconds Baby and asks why they are forcing her, if she doesn’t need help they must not help her. If she would need any help she will ask for it. Sonam winks at Amar, Mikhail asks Amar to go, and he doesn’t like spending time on losers. Sonam apologizes Mikhail before leaving.

PRECAP: Mikhail tells Baby he doesn’t care about her, but the dancer inside her. If it dies, it would never revive. He won’t let it happen, he will make her stand on her feet one day. He asks Baby to focus, she tries then cries that she doesn’t even feel her feet are there with her body.

Update Credit to: Sona

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